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Brands We Love, Valentine Edition: Cake ‘n’ Candy

So you’re planning a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s going to be a private feast with your loved one, or an event with several people in attendance. Besides the chatter and cheer, you want edibles that fit with the pleasantness of the occasion.

How about nicely baked cakes?

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If you’re in Lagos, you might consider getting your Valentine’s Day cakes from Cake ‘n’ Candy. They’re a bakery with an expansive menu of savoury confectioneries, each designed for specific kinds of events. Whether you’re looking for cupcakes or desserts, buttercream or fondant cakes, you should find something on the Cake ‘n’ Candy shelf that suits your purposes.

The company’s founder, Siku Adewuyi, says she’s been a professional baker for 25 years. She brings this experience to bear on its recipe creation, cake design, and baking process.

Cake ‘n’ Candy displays some of its finer products on its Instagram page. There’s a hyper-realistic cake made to look like a caterer customer’s cooking ingredients; a bake with a ‘lapis-lazuli finish’; confectionery draped in Ankara design, and a few fashioned like plaques and nicely finished stands.

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You can find a list of this brand’s offerings on its website. There are cakes for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, seasonal cakes, and even ‘ethnic’ cakes. If you want something for a specific occasion not contained in its standard list, you may provide them with specifications for it, and they’ll bake on your behalf.

Cake ‘n’ Candy’s location within the Ikeja area makes it easier to deliver bakes ordered by clients from much of the city. Cakes can also be collected at the company’s physical location.

Besides its primary operations as a bakery, Cake ‘n’ Candy also provides training services to aspiring confectionery bakers. It teaches courses such as an introductory baking course, fondant speciality, airbrushing, modelling, fabric effects, and finishing. Each class has about a dozen participants.

The company also sells design stencils, sugar flowers, un-iced cakes, sugar models, and flower paste.

Cake ‘n’ Candy serves a diverse client base—individuals, informal associations, and corporates. By tailoring its products to meet their needs, it has won their trust and leveraged it to expand over the years. It continues to take this approach, in the hope that it will reach new growth frontiers in the near future.

Featured Image Source: Cake ‘n’ Candy

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