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Business Growth Tips: How To Convince More People To Buy Your Products


You already have great products—you’re convinced of this –and you’re wondering why more people aren’t buying them.

The fact is, unless you make them see how your offering is good for them, they may never pay attention to it (let alone purchase it). That’s why you market things in the first place.

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Let’s say they’ve seen your marketing or heard about your products from a friend, and they’ve come to you to find out more. They’re a step closer to making the purchase, but they could just as well decide not to pick it up. How do you convince them to buy your product?

Here’s how to go about it, in eight steps:

Start Conversations On A Polite Note

Be polite and courteous in your attempt to initiate a conversation with leads. Greet them, ask about their well-being, address them by their name (and title where appropriate) and show that you’re pleased to meet them.

Getting this right makes the process of convincing them a bit easier. They will be more open to what you have to say if they feel that you are treating them humanely.

Understand What Their Needs Are

This begins with listening closely to what your potential customer says about why they’ve come to you. If their explanation isn’t clear enough, politely ask for clarifications.

Also, confirm with them that you’ve actually understood what they’re trying to say. Summarize their words as you’ve interpreted them, and ask them if this summary is correct. This ensures that you are both on the same page, and makes the discussion go smoothly.

Offer Them More Than Just A Product

The people who demand your product aren’t just asking for it. They want a solution to a specific problem (or set of problems). So when you offer them your product, emphasize the ways it makes their life easier.

Speak less about features and more about the benefits that those features bring to the customer. This way, you keep the focus on meeting their needs.

Show How Your Product Is Better Than Alternatives

This implies that you know what the competition is offering, and how your product supersedes them. You should master your niche and the options available. This will help you in showing a potential buyer how your product is a better solution to their problem than available alternatives.

Exude Expertise

We have hinted at this in the last couple of tips preceding this one. In your discussions with potential customers, you should demonstrate your knowledge of the sort of need they have, and your expertise at meeting that need. Make it clear that you have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter.

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People are willing to trust experts on issues they’re concerned about. This is something you can leverage to your advantage.

Point Out The Good Emotions Your Product Will Cause

We like to think that we’re logical beings. But a lot of our decisions are based on our feelings. This is true of the people who enquire about your products.

Appeal to their emotions. Mention, at least in passing, how your offering will improve their state of mind, lift their spirits, or make them happier. This could nudge them even closer to making the purchase.

Let Your Prospect Make The Final Decision

Don’t try to prod your prospect towards making a ‘favourable decision’. If you do, you’ll come across as pushy, and may wind up losing them. Remember that it’s all about them. They should feel in charge.

Ask them what they would like to do, or what next steps they want to take. This leads them towards the decision point, without forcing their hands.

Be Easy To Reach

Don’t give up if your lead doesn’t decide on your product immediately. Leave the door open for them to come in later. Make sure you’re easy to reach; give them your contact details, and ensure that there’s someone available to attend to them if they call or visit again.

Final Words

Salespeople and business owners want more buyers for their products. You can achieve this by making your conversations with prospects revolve around their needs and how your offering meets those needs. Be humane and customer-centric, exude expertise, and patiently follow up leads. These steps will improve your chances of converting leads to your customers.

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Ikenna Nwachukwu holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He loves to look at the world through multiple lenses- economic, political, religious and philosophical- and to write about what he observes in a witty, yet reflective style.

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