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DIY: 10 Car Maintenance Tools You Should Have


Last week, we put out little tips on car maintenance hacks you could do by yourself. In order to work effectively with those hacks, it obviously follows that we give you tips on what tools To work with for starters. So here goes tips on what your starter kit should look like:

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1. Oil Filter Wrench

Image result for oil filter wrench


A shoo-in for any beginner kit. You will need a couple of them to fit big or small filters, and they generally work better than strap wrenches or plier models. Toyota and Honda models are interchangeable as they generally use the same sizes. A Ford, however, entertains a wider range of wrenches. In all, a medium-sized wrench should work just fine for your car if you own a saloon car.

2. Screwdriver Set

Image result for car screwdriver set


Much like wrenches, different car repairs need different screwdrivers. Invest in a complete set to be safe for any kind of repairs.

3. Protective Gloves

Image result for Car Protective Gloves

Oards Automotive Hub

Car repairs will expose you to a whole lot of stains. From grease from engine oil to fuel and electric current. That is where gloves come in hand as your hands need all the protection it can get from toxic liquids that you will come in contact with. You could buy a whole range of fits to cover most types of repairs.

4. Protective eyewear

Image result for car mechanics Protective eyewear

Bolle’ Safety

Protective eyewear will do your eyes a world of good as you deal with harmful liquids when working on your car.

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5. Jack Stand

Image result for car jack stand

Car Care Hunt

When you require access to the underside of your car, this will come in handy. A solid pair of jack stand would do just the trick. The size that you need depends on your car make, model and weight; 2000kg, 3000kg, 6000kg or 10,000kg.

6. Car Cleaners And Conditioners

Image result for black man Car Cleaners And Conditioners


These would come in handy for keeping your vehicle dirt free and rust-free.

7. Lubricants

Image result for Car Lubricants

Machinery Lubrication

If your car is full of metallic parts that rub against each other, resulting in wear and tear and of course rust. Lubricants help them last longer as they form a protective layer on the surface. Lubricants include anti-freeze, engine oil, grease, transmission fluid, steering oil or fluid, brake and clutch fluid, compressor fluid and suppressor fluid.

8. Battery charger

Image result for car battery charger

Cars Direct

Nothing irks a car owner like getting into your car only to realize it won’t start. Battery issues are prevalent and a good quality car battery charger will help you jumpstart your car when that happens.

9. Jerrycan

Image result for jerrycan

Supermart NG

Having one around will ensure you don’t get embarrassed when your car drains fuel during repair and you need some for replacement. A 20 or 25 litre should do just fine.

10. Spare Parts For Servicing

Image result for Car Spare Parts For Servicing


These include oil filters, engine oils, air filters, wiper blades, spark and glow plugs, cabin/pollen filters, fuel filters, timing belt kits, brake pads, bulb, car batteries, anti-freeze, tensioners, idlers and dampers. Service parts could fail you at any time and you should have a replacement somewhere.

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