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Helpful Tips: Valentine During A Pandemic

I know we would like to pretend that life is back to normal, and the pandemic is over, but it isn’t. Just because there isn’t another nationwide lockdown for economic reasons doesn’t mean we should throw caution to the wind. That doesn’t also mean we can’t still have fun or enjoy valentine during this pandemic.

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Here are some helpful tips to enable you to enjoy Valentine during a pandemic:

Focus On Alone Time

Look for romantic activities you can do without a crowd. Sure, having an all-white party on a yacht cruise with 16 other couples or having a night out at a restaurant with fine dining is romantic, so is a candlelight dinner for two in your house.

The point is to have some privacy and minimal contact with others. Whether it is a staycation, a hike, kayaking, quad biking, etc., make sure it is an activity that involves fewer people around. You can actually have quality alone time with your partner and fewer chances of getting infected by the coronavirus.

Shop Early Before The Rush Begins

ECommerce sites get a lot of orders during the days leading up till Valentine. So rather than wait till a day or two to the V-day to go shopping. Start early. The prices of bottles of wine, flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears may actually be cheaper in January than February.

Besides, when there is a rush, it means the supermarkets and malls will be crowded with many people. There’s no telling who is contagious in that crowd, especially since symptoms don’t show up for days after infection. That’s why it is important to shop early before the last-minute rush.

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Plan Around Your Energy Levels

You can’t feel sexy or be romantic when you are tired. Make sure whatever activities you had planned for that day are for the times when you have the most energy. Sometimes the excitement that comes with planning a romantic valentine gives the much-needed adrenaline rush.

The planning actually helps to put you in the mood for the celebration especially if you pace yourself properly. If you or your partner is experiencing fatigue, it could be a sign of being infected as well. So do what you can to be sure it is not a COVID-19 symptom, so you don’t spread the virus this Valentine.

Leverage On Technology

For Singles or engaged couples in different locales, rather than travelling and spending so much to be with your lover physically, utilize technology. If you can send virtual Valentine’s day e-cards, do so. Create fun memes to share on that day with your spouse.

Dress up and have video conferencing calls. Order a gift from an online vendor and have it delivered to him/her on Valentine’s Day. If you can get your hand on a holo technology, create a 3D image of yourself saying something romantic and send it to your lover.

Just because you are not physically together, doesn’t mean a romantic gesture is meaningless. Be creative and co-opt technology to assist your creativity.

Choosing Group Activities

Since the virus is spread mainly by close contact with people and in enclosed spaces, opt for outdoor Valentine activities. If you must join a Couples’ group hangout organized by a tour operator/company, an organisation or a religious organization, make sure it incorporates the COVID-19 guidelines in their event.

Ask if the seats are going to be spaced apart. Also, if the hall has open windows for cross-ventilation, or if there are fans at the venue to ensure proper dispensing of circulated air. If the event is held outdoors and a few numbers of persons present, that’s fine. Just make sure you wear your facemasks while talking or in proximity with people.

For some, valentine is the farthest thing from the mind because of the stress of coping with the new normal. But now, more than ever, we need to bring some excitement into our days. Let’s express our love to our loved ones and appreciate those we have in our lives in honour of those who have passed away. We hope everyone makes the most of this year’s Valentine’s Day.

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