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Opportunities In Video Gaming


We talked about video games before and I feel like while it may not have taken off, exploring topics in the field would be timely now. Things change very quickly and if the craze for crypto is anything to go buy, gaming may creep up on us all faster than we can say COD if we are none the wiser.

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So here are jobs that should be in your purview if you are looking to explore gaming in Nigeria. It is a given that if you are reading this you are probably going to be the pioneer or one of the pioneers in the water sector of gaming you intend to operate in.

1. Writers

Game writers are the conceptual backbone of any game you see become a hit or any game for that matter. Of course, they have a lot in common with film writers and while the concept to both is largely the same, the process is different.

2. Voiceover

Games need voices to bring characters to life and if you are good with using your voice. Developers tend to use famous voiceover actors or even actors but there will be work for anyone with talent.

3. Programmers

Their work is as important to in-game mechanics as other game developers such as designers. In that sense, they double as animators or mirror them in the work of building video games. They build a codebase for video games. There are many disciplines under game development so it is a highly lucrative field to specialize in.

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4. Game writers

This is a version of journalism that focuses on the emerging video game industry. There is a lot of content to be mined here from gaming gear and hardware to the video games themselves to developer assessments.

5. Audio Engineers/Producers

Sound is a major part of why games are so immersive in experience for players. Audio engineers who have a good ear for good sound curate sound and music for a game’s soundtrack. Scoring is just as important here as it is for movies, so you may find game studios approaching big-name music professionals for the task. For the stage we are in now, however, you may consider this a niche as it is an emerging industry.

6. Translators

Games are universally consumed so it is important that language is fluid in line with its many players online and offline. If you are good with more than one language, you will be useful. As far as Nigerian games go, I imagine you will find Nigerian languages good to know.

7. Marketers/Sales Rep

Marketing professionals will always be useful as far as sales are important to make sure a company stays afloat. Sales are how employees get paid and how the company grows in general so you can see how important salespeople are to video games.


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