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Simple PC Tips And Hacks You Should Know


Tech hacks are typically little tips we give on how to optimize how you interface with the tech around you. Little they may be but some of these tips will not just blow your mind, they will make you just a bit more tech-savvy with each nugget

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1. In Word, to switch a whole sentence or phrase between uppercase and lower case, hit Shift and F3. Doing this repeatedly changes the cycle from uppercase to first letter capitalized and lowercase.

2. To contrive a very strong password, use the non-alphabet characters on your keyboard.

3. Hitting spacebar allows you to scroll down a webpage, spacebar+Shift allows you to scroll back up.

4. Do you need to do some research for school work? Use and add “PDF” to downloadable copies.

5. Charging your laptop up to 80% actually makes your PC last longer than getting it up to 100%.

6. To find a solution to one of your computers problems by way of troubleshooting, add “Solved” to sift through the results.

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7. To save your Excel file in the minimized form, save your file .xlsb and the file will be minimized to 25% of the original size.

8. If someone else’s phone alarm is giving a hard time sleeping early in the morning, just call the person’s phone number and go back to sleep.

9. You could use your old cassette holder as a phone holder for your smartphone.

10. To copy a text from a website without the formatting, copy with Ctrl+C and then hit Ctrl+Shift+V on Windows. On Mac, hit Cmd+Shift+V.

11. To get sample texts for an impending test or exam, search “site:edu(subject)exam”.

12. In Google Chrome, hit Ctrl+Shift+Del to access the “Clear Browsing Data” window. On Mac, hit Cmd+Shift+Del.

13. If you want to access a website that has been restricted by your school or organization, paste the URL in Google Translate to use it as a proxy.

14. If you want to amplify your smartphone volume, put it in a cup and listen to the volume go up significantly.

15. To pause in YouTube no matter where you click with your touchpad or mouse, tap on K.

16. Click on a link in browser with your mouse’s scroll button to open that link in another.

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