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SME Spotlight: Wandy Foods


Nigeria’s agribusiness value chain could benefit from more processing capacity. The existing value-addition facilities are not nearly sufficient to cater to the need of the country’s fast-growing population. As a result, it’s taking more time to make the most of the output from the industry.

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This is especially true of food production. More processing and packaging companies have emerged in the past few years. But there’s still a huge gap to close here.

That gap was much wider in 1998 when Wandy Foods was launched. It’s thanks to the work of pioneering businesses like it that today’s food product manufactures can make headways in the Nigerian market.

Its founder, Gbonju Awojuyigbe, thought that this was a dream worth pursuing. She found it convincing enough for her to quit her job as a banker, to focus fully on building a business around it.

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Wandy Foods is known for its branded wheat products, teas, and some of the other packaged food items it makes and sells. From its location in the Agege district of Lagos, it ships its products to all parts of the state, and other major cities in the country.

The teas from Wandy are made from a variety of ingredients and are named after them. These include Ginger tea, Ginger and Cloves tea, Graviola and Ginger tea, Tumeric and Black Pepper tea, Hibiscus and Cloves tea, and Moringa, Mint and Lemon tea.

Wandy also produces and packages flour products. Its whole wheat flour is among its oldest continually produced offerings. Plantain flour is available too. Cookies, bottled honey and packaged Garri are some of the other things this business provides.

You may find these items at designated supermarkets, or order them on the Wandy Foods website. Wholesale merchants can also purchase them from the Wandy Foods factory in Lagos.

Although Wandy Foods has had to battle difficulties along the way, it has made enough progress to get recognized for the work that it does. In 2005, its founder, Gbonju Awojuigbe, received the FATE Foundation Alumni Award for the strides made by her business.

Wandy Foods has a lot of room for growth. Gbonju has said that she intends the business to get a bigger factory and expand its production. She aims for the brand to become one of the leading food processing and packaging companies in Nigeria.

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