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Social Media Marketing Tips: How To Increase Social Media Engagement Using Scheduling Tools

You get closer to achieving your aim with social media campaigns when you’re able to ramp up engagement on your social network pages. And this is where most individuals and organizations falter.

If you’re going to avoid the low-engagement problem, you’ll need a strategy that takes both your wants and the realities of social media into consideration. 

One way to do this is to put up posts when your followers- and the wider public on social media -are most likely to see them. You have to reach them when they’re around to take a look.

But if you’re busy at various points of the day, you might struggle to publish content consistently on your channels. Without consistency, your social media page will fail to attract or sustain interest from its target audience

This is where social media scheduling tools come in handy. You can use them to schedule posts when you’re less busy; those posts will go live at any time of the day you choose.

How Social Media Scheduling Tools Can Help You

These tools are primarily time-savers. They allow you to set up your social media posts well before they are published. You can schedule some or all your posts at once, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with your pages for the rest of the day.

Popular scheduling tools for social media include Hootsuite, Buffer, and TweetDeck. Some tools work for specific social networks (e.g. TweetDeck). Others cater to multiple social channels (Buffer).

These tools enable you to fit social media management into your daily routine, eliminating a lot of the potential distractions that stem from keeping tabs on your pages.

Steps to Increasing Social media Engagement with Scheduling Tools

Here’s how you can get more likes, shares, and comments using scheduling tools:

  1. Find the Best Times to Post Content

Social traffic isn’t uniform across all times of the day. There are even variations between days of the week. There are usually more people online by 9 AM on Wednesdays than there are by 4 PM on Saturdays. 

Find out what times your followers- and the people you want to follow you –are most likely to be online. If you’re on Twitter, you could do this with Tweriod. 

  1. Schedule Posts to Publish During High Traffic Times

With data about the best posting times at your fingertips, you can schedule your posts to go live at those times. You shouldn’t ignore low-traffic periods (except, say, late at night). Just make sure there’s more content popping up when there are more people online.

  1. Monitor Engagement

Watch the numbers and note whatever changes you notice. You may gain new insights into your audience’s interaction habits; don’t hesitate to adjust your strategy in response to your observations. 

For example, you could find heavier interaction with your posts at times not captured by your previous evaluation. You may want to put out more material at those times.

Also, pay attention to the type of content that attracts the highest volume of responses, and consider providing more of its kind. 

Continue following this up and making the required adjustments and you’ll see positive results roll in. 

Final Words

Social media scheduling tools can do more than just save time. They could become a key part of your push to boost social media engagement. 

But don’t forget: your content also has to appeal to the people you want to reach with it. If you get this right, you’ll find it easier to win them over to yourself.    

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