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Social Media Marketing Tips: Improve Your Marketing With User Generated Content


When people want to decide on buying a product, they are more likely to trust user testimonies about it than they are to rely on that brand’s marketing messages. In other words, they think regular people like them tend to be less biased about their assessment of products because they don’t have a stake in them.

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This is why it’s a good idea to leverage User Generated Content. With more of it on your pages, your followers and other visitors on your timeline will get the idea that your company has a loyal customer base that’s satisfied with what you’re offering. This is the best sort of marketing you can hope for.

We’ll let you know how you can benefit from this type of content shortly. But first, let’s explain what it is.

What Is User-Generated Content?

User-Generated Content refers to text, images, videos or reviews concerning your brand, produced or published by someone who has used (or is currently using) your product or service.

Examples include comments about your services from customers on Twitter or a captioned image of your product posted by a user on Instagram. You may share these content on your own pages as part of your social media marketing efforts.

If this sort of content is positive, it could present your brand in a good light, and convince other people that it’s worth trying out.

Benefits Of User-Generated Content

Here are some reasons why you should consider sharing User Generated Content on social media.

Promotes Authenticity

Your followers and other visitors to your timeline will recognize you as authentic. They see that you don’t have to rely on your own word for validation. This is something that many people value in a brand.

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Indicates Brand Loyalty

People who feel strongly enough about your services to post nice messages about it on social media are probably already loyal to your brand. And if there are many users doing this, it’ll suggest that you are quite good at what you do. What other reason could there be for the widespread endorsements?

Inspires Trust

We are more likely to trust the product reviews of people unaffiliated with that product than we are to rely on the marketing messages of the company that made it. You can build trust in your brand by sharing relevant content from your users.

Drives Conversions

With higher levels of trust in your brand, more people will decide to buy your products or take the actions your marketing was designed to convince them of.

Provides A Good Content Source

You don’t have to create the content yourself. Just hunt for relevant mentions, and share the best of the lot.

How To Get The Most Out Of User Generated Content

  1. Ask people to post their experience with your products and service, in a form you choose (text, image, or video). If possible, offer them something in return. Curate and share the best of them on your page.
  2. Use social listening tools to pick out potential User Generated Content you may have missed.
  3. Repost content that’s been shared with your company’s branded hashtag. If you don’t have a branded hashtag, create one and ask your followers to begin using it.
  4. Seek out customers’ success stories that they’ve posted on social media, and share them as inspirational content. This works better if these stories are linked to your brand in some way. Be sure to obtain their consent before doing this.
  5. Learn what you can from the user content you find, whether they’re complementary or not.

Final Words

You can achieve brilliant results with User Generated Content if you know how to deploy them. Be selective about what you choose to repost. Go for quality material, something that conforms to your brand’s image and vision. In time, you will be drawing a large following, and pushing your conversions to new heights.

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