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The Most Sought After Tech Skills In 2021


Tech presents the fastest way to the middle-class status in the country. That is a truism most of the time at least. Now, the interesting thing with tech is this: the jobs are as fluid as whatever field i.e. they respond to changes in whatever sub-sector one may work. For instance, graphic designers have had a hard time since Canva came on board and to think many are just catching on to the skillset.

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So here are some of the most relevant and high-earnings gigs there are in tech today. Note that most of these skills are relevant to the Nigerian job market and beyond.

1. Product Design And Management

The skills required here are multi-faceted as they touch on different areas. A product manager must have the skills required of a UI/UX designer as well as the know-how of trained management professional. It is closely tied to a software developer’s job description. It usually demands that you understand the lifecycle of an application. Interestingly, this job is really conducive for working remotely. It is a highly skilled endeavour so it attracts a significant salary range depending on your proven skill level. Certification of some sort will be a big boost to your portfolio.

2. Digital Marketing

In an age where every brand is jostling for screen time because most of their customers are online, being a digital marketer is a big flex. The better you are in this field of work, the more sort after you become and that usually means you can command a huge wage and work does not necessarily have to be on-site as long as the internet and a laptop or tablet are available.

3. Social Media Management

Brands are steady on the look-out for talent that would enhance their image and grow their brand equity in the eyes of consumers and that is where social media managers come in. The training required here is really not cumbersome as you only need to show evidence of your work.

A decent following on Twitter and Instagram would suffice. Beyond that, you should be knowledgeable in PR too as that is an edge all by itself. Influencers you already know on Twitter are also social media managers of brands and they make a killing depending on how huge their following gets on the job and their persona pages.

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There are skills one must possess such as how to optimise ads as well as harnessing engagement to amplify the brand you work for–SEO and analytics.

4. UI/UX Design

Both are not the same thing but in this job market, it would do one a world of good to have learnt the whole range from UX research/writing to designing and prototyping because many employers tend to employ those with the full package. This is a highly skilled job so you would typically command a high pay even with intermediate competence.

5. Mobile App/Software Development

Your skills as a coding genius will earn you top bucks in this job market because it is about the most sought after skill there is in the market today. They typically command the highest salaries of any techies as they are highly useful to companies not just in Nigeria but even outside the country. Many work remotely and are well paid for their time.

6. Project Management

This is an emerging winning career in tech and it does not necessarily need you to be a tech-head to function. It simply requires you to understand how tech products are created, both tangible and virtual, and from ideation to release. They also have to function in the tech world even if they are not techies. It is a high paying job as it is in demand and is one of the most transferrable skills there are in tech.

7. Data Science And Analytics

In an age where data is the new oil, those who can make cogent deductions of it while deconstructing it are definitely in demand. All the time, brands are in need of data for inbound marketing and those who can help them mine big data and make sense of it will definitely be a hot commodity. There is a shortage of data professionals all over the world as it is an emerging field which makes it a low hanging fruit on this list.

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