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Valentine Nice With Creatives


Hello Creative, we have a safe space for you to find your True Love… YOU, oh well if the stars align, you may find a special someone to share time and space with, This is VALENTINE NICE WITH CREATIVES another unique edition of “Saturday Nice with Creatives”, a monthly Exclusive event specially curated for Creatives and other Professionals to find true connections, encourage collaborations, conversations, and Partnerships.

Valentine Nice is hosted by the Love tribe Community, a growing number of like-Minded Creatives and other professionals who are advocates for the rehabilitation of the Nigerian Society.

It is imperative that through the Arts, we create and inspire solutions for the vices and ill-fated behavioural patterns that have negatively affected the development of our people and communities in Nigeria.

The Love Tribe is the community arm of The Love Portion Creative Hub that caters to the well-being of Nigerian Creatives… a safe haven to Nurture and Give expression to their Art.

We have New Magical Places! for you to experience The Love Portion Valentine Nice with Creatives, Mask on! … We Move as the Lords of Hearts captivating minds with Art.

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For the Feb 14 experience

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