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App Of The Week: Wallets Africa


Wallets Africa is a digital finance platform that allows Africans to carry out local and international transactions seamlessly online, via an app, and with a card. With it, Nigerians can send and receive money, pay bills, and get overdrafts.

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Founded by John Oke in 2018, it’s become a favourite tool for cross-continent payments for many Nigerians. And it continues to gain traction. Thanks to the work done by its team, as well as investment and support from major global backers, Wallets Africa has strengthened its capacity for service delivery over the past three years.

The startup is one of many FinTechs in the country that offer payment and money transfer services. But it’s counting on its low fees and cross-continental reach to lure in more users. Thus far, it appears to be succeeding at this. To date, the Wallet Africa app has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Users of the app can create an account in just three minutes, and get access to a range of services, including virtual and physical naira and dollar cards, the ability to make requests for money transfer, pay for services both locally and internationally, and hold money in a secure wallet, among others.

The app enables its users to send money to any bank account, provided that they have funded their wallets. Money can also be transferred to people in Kenya and Ghana; they can receive money through the app as well.

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Wallets Africa also aids shopping and bill payments through its virtual and physical cards. It allows you to create up to five virtual naira and dollar cards instantly, and manage these on your phone. And if you prefer a physical card, you can place an order for one; it’ll be delivered to you in five days or less.

The Wallets Africa dollar card can be used to pay for services at international companies like Uber, Air BnB, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, and others. Users can pay for products purchased at over 30 million stores worldwide.

Back home, they can settle bills for electricity, cable TV subscription, internet, and other services on their Wallets Africa app.

Businesses may benefit from the platform too. There’s room for them to open Wallets Africa accounts for their employees. These accounts come with multiple physical and virtual cards. Cards can be frozen and unfrozen at any time.

What’s more, you can track your transactions on the app in real-time. If you need a clear picture of these transactions over time, you may request an accounts statement on the platform, and view it in any format you choose, at any time of the day.

Wallets Africa is available for download on the Google Play store for Android Operating Systems, and the App Store for iOS.

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