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Did You Know? 7 Signs Of Dehydration


Water is life. The human body is primarily made up of water, the quantity, however, changes with age, sex and hydration levels. Some of the functions of water in the body include joint lubrication, saliva formation, internal body temperature regulation, and waste disposal.

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When the body loses water through breathing, urination, defecation or sweating, these fluids can be easily replaced by drinking water and eating foods that contain water. The body becomes dehydrated, however, if we allow it to lose more water more than it takes in.

Most people don’t take dehydration seriously. But being dehydrated is a  serious health risk because the body is not just losing water, it’s also losing electrolytes like salt and potassium; these electrolytes help the body to function effectively. Dehydration can be mild, moderate or severe. However, here are some signs of dehydration:


We Nigerians have this funny habit of attributing any sign of sickness to malaria. Fatigue, joint pains, catarrh are some signs that are usually associated with malaria. But not all fatigue is caused by malaria. A reduction in the bodily fluid may actually result in fatigue. So, the next time you feel tired, don’t go blaming malaria. Increase your fluid intake first; it may give you the energy boost that you need.


This is an obvious sign of dehydration. Once you feel thirsty, drink water. Don’t wait for the hiccups to start; just get some fluids and drink to your heart’s content.

Dark Urine

The Pee and Check Campaign is something we can all practice with ease if we want to. No long thing is required; just check the colour of your urine when you are done peeing and it will provide answers on your hydration level. If you are well hydrated, your urine will be mostly clear with a tinge of yellow. But if you are dehydrated, the colour of your urine will be dark yellow. However, vitamins and some vegetables may change the colour of your urine so you may want to take other signs into consideration before drawing your conclusion.

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There are people who believe that water is the medicine for headache. While this is not true in all cases, it is true when the headache is dehydration induced. Thus, the next time you have a headache, drink some water. If the headache is caused by dehydration, you’ll experience relief soon after.

Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

No be only food like garlic and poor dental hygiene dey cause mouth odour. Dehydration can also cause mouth odour because it can prevent salivary gland from producing enough saliva. When there is a shortage of saliva in the mouth, bacteria multiply causing bad breath.

So, drink water when next time you feel you have bad breath and if you come across someone who does, instead of gossiping and criticizing the person, graciously offer them a glass of water.


Some people who experience this digestive problem do not drink enough water. When the fluid in the system is insufficient, the free movement of food waste through the system is hampered. This will make you experience difficulty in stooling.


When you are severely dehydrated, the body won’t have enough fluids to function effectively. The brain may not get enough oxygen and your blood pressure may drop. These will make you feel dizzy especially when you stand or try to stand.

Finally, while fluids are necessary for hydration, not all fluids can boost your hydration level. Some like alcohol and caffeine are diuretics. They get rid of water from the system. So mind how you take them. Instead, take lots of water. It is the most important fluid of all. Drinking several glasses of it every day will keep you hydrated.



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