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Happy Mothers’ Day!

The month of March 2021 is women’s history month marked by the celebration of International Women’s Day on the 8th of march and Mothers’ Day on the 14th of march in Nigeria.

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The date for Mothers’ Day celebration in Nigeria is not fixed but today, the 14th of March is Mothers’ Day for the year 2021 and it is a day set aside to celebrate the strides made by mothers all over Nigeria.

The magnitude of motherhood as a responsibility can never be overemphasised. The job of a mother is without leave and pay is never expected. They live an endless cycle of responsibility as lives; everywhere in the world but specifically in Nigeria, mothers are typically one call away.

Our mothers deal with the:











A mother is a builder in the midst of the rubble. She is always on hand to gather after the wind must have scattered. It is a fact that both parents are needed for a better society, however, mothers are superheroines because the impossible is nothing with them.

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We celebrate mothers who are in business. Those who have juggled up both the responsibility of motherhood and the burden of running a business.

We celebrate mothers who have made it their lifelong responsibility to become caregivers and mentors. Those who have had to stand in the gap and watch their kids, every step of the way.

We celebrate mothers who are doctors and nurses. Those who have been on the frontlines in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have transcended being mothers to just their children but also to all those that cross their paths on the frontlines.

We celebrate mothers who are housekeepers. Those who have the honour to till the ground in order to support the immediate families and also, somewhat, be a mother to the children of the houses they keep.

We also celebrate mothers who are making a name for themselves in the sports sector; the sportswomen, coaches, referees, assistant referees, and match commissioners.

The things our mothers do are inexhaustible and we cannot start naming our mothers in every sector, however, one thing should be sacrosanct, as long as your mother lives, celebrate her. Do more for her while she is alive and do not see it as a chore because we do not know the importance of the role of a mother until we can no longer enjoy it.

On this Mothers’ Day celebration, take out time to celebrate your mother today, tomorrow, and every day.

Happy Mohers’ Day!

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