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App Of The Week: Fidelity Online Banking


Like other banks in today’s world, Fidelity Bank serves its customers through several channels. Besides its physical branches and agents, it’s also accessible on the web, through mobile USSD, and on its mobile application.

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That app—the Fidelity Bank Online Banking app –allows its users to conduct basic financial transactions and related operations, including fund transfers, bill payments, account statements, accounts monitoring, and service personalization, among others.

Anyone who has an account with Fidelity Bank can enjoy these services on the app, as long as they are registered to do so. With the app, they can transfer funds from their Fidelity Bank accounts to other accounts they hold within and outside the bank, and accounts belonging to other entities.

They are also able to pay for cable TV, electricity, internet, and other utilities. Travellers may search, book, and pay for flights on the app. They can top-up airtime on their phones, and do the same for their friends and family as well.

These payments can be monitored on the app. It allows users to add or remove recipients of fund transfers, airtime, and bill payments. And if they want to see what their current account balance looks like, they could generate it on the platform too.

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There’s extra visibility into what’s going on with their accounts; Fidelity’s customers can track every account they have with the bank, whether they’re savings, current, fixed deposit, domiciliary, or card accounts.

Security is a big concern for financial transactions, whether they happen physically or on digital channels. The Fidelity Online Banking app takes care of this concern by providing biometric or fingerprint authentication as an app login requirement. The standard bank-level security measures for accounts also apply.

If users decide to visit a bank branch or ATM, they can check the app to find one that’s closest to them.

The services on the app are accessible to anyone who’s a Fidelity Bank customer, 16 years or older, and has registered their mobile phone number to receive SMS alerts from the bank. If they meet these conditions, they can sign up on the app and activate their online banking profile using their Fidelity Debit Card. Alternatively, they can activate the profile at any of the bank’s branches.

The Fidelity Online Banking app is available for download on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

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