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People want their homes to be clean. Businesses know that clients have a positive perception of them when their operating environment is orderly and hygienic. They all prefer that their spaces be pristine and without blemish.

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However, they do not always have the time to tidy up their premises. Individuals get caught up with work and other tasks, and businesses are too focused on their core operations to devote quality time to spruce up their environment. That’s why companies like So-Kleen exist.

They are a cleaning service provider headquartered in Lagos. Private households and businesses rely on them to clean their carpets and upholstery, restore their marble floors, provide janitorial cleaning service, and carry out pest control.

So-Kleen was founded in 2005. In the years that followed they have served numerous homes and corporate organizations and built a reputation as one of the top cleaning service firms in Nigeria. They are accessible from anywhere in Lagos State.

Businesses in need of So-Kleen’s cleaning service may contact them to book a cleaning session. So-Kleen creates a building plan for each of its corporate clients to meet their peculiar needs and schedules. The janitorial service is provided by trained cleaners, and inspected by an Account Manager.

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Private residences may hire So-Kleen to vacuum and clean their carpets. The company says its workers clean its client’s home surfaces with environmentally friendly cleaning agents. Cleaning also covers upholstery and leather; there’s conditioning for the latter as well.

Restoring the sparkle and physical allure of marble is a tough job. But professional cleaners achieve this all the time. So-Kleen’s workers take on the various stages of the restorative process: cleaning, grinding, honing, polishing, and sealing. They have done this for a long time; so many organizations hire them to help with this specific task.

Bug-Pro is the pest control arm of the So-Kleen company. In many ways, it’s an enterprise on its own. This service eliminates rodents, crawling pests, and flying insect pests from private residences and business environments.

Besides these offerings, the company also provides post-construction and renovation cleaning services, at newly constructed buildings and sites that have been refurbished. Window cleaning, floor care, and maintenance, and deep cleaning at the end-of-tenancy can be taken care of as well.

So-Kleen’s corporate clients have included major companies in the banking, oil and gas, retail, and IT sectors, as well as the Lagos State government.

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