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Business Growth Tips: How To Effectively Follow Up New Leads


It is one thing to capture your prospect’s attention, and quite another to keep their interest in your offering alive until they become paying customers. Going from the former to the latter can be rather challenging, even for the best marketers.

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But you should master this transition. It involves following up on leads- something that many businesses still struggle at. If you’re not keeping in touch with leads, you may lose the battle for Top-of-Mind awareness, and cease to be an option for them.

In this article, we’ll share some things you can do to effectively follow up your leads, and take them closer to becoming your clients.

Ways To Improve Your Lead Follow-Ups

Here are six ways to make your follow-ups yield better results.

Use A Database

Getting organized is the first key to succeeding with follow-ups. Have your leads’ names, contact details, and other information stored in a database that’s accessible to the relevant members of your team.

Ideally, leads should be categorized based on qualities like their (likely) budget, timelines, and willingness to make a purchase or sign a contract (as the case may be). This makes follow-up easy, as content and strategy can be tailored to meet the needs of each category.

Contact Leads Using Multiple Channels

Stay in touch with your leads using their preferred channels. This could be email, phone, chat, SMS, or some other medium. Providing them with multiple options will signal that you’re giving them control, and will put you in a positive light in their books.

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Schedule Interactions

Plan your engagement with leads beforehand. Have a list of people you want to reach, along with their email, phone number, or other relevant contact details. Block out time to contact each of them.

Whether you’re making calls or sending an email, define the details of your communication with them before the email is sent or the call is made. If you’re calling them, you should be ready to take their questions as well.

Quickly Respond To Questions

When you’re quick to respond to questions from leads, you ensure that your interaction with them remains smooth and ongoing. You keep them engaged, and minimize their prospect of leaving you. Also, ensure that responses are decent and helpful.

Provide Personalized Responses

Automation increases the volume and speed of execution. But it often misses the human touch that’s vital to winning prospects over. Do what you can to provide direct, personalized responses to people who enquire about your business or products. This could help improve your relationship with your potential clients.

Share Useful Content

People in your target audience lose interest in your emails unless they contain something that they’ll find useful. If you’re sharing actionable material with them, they will be eager to hear from you. They may even forward the content to other people, further expanding your reach. Your audience will recognize the value you provide and will be more willing to try out your services.

Final Words

It takes planning, great communication skills, and persistence to win with follow-ups. You won’t always convince your leads to go all the way with your company. But by working with the right strategies, you can take more leads down the path to becoming your customers.

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