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Consumer Not Customer


Let me ask you a question.

For diapers, who do you think the target customers are? Parents or the babies?

What about football? Who are the target customers? You or big brands?

How about TV programmes? Who are the target customers? Viewers or advertisers?

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The correct answers are Parents, Big brands and advertisers.

Why? I’ll tell you.

This is because your consumer is not always your customer! I can see that I may have confused you with this answer so let me break it down!

Let’s use diapers for example. Diapers are used by babies and often bought by parents, mostly mothers. The baby is the consumer and the mother (or parent) is the customer.

Let’s try the sports and TV station example as well. The people who watch TV or sports are the consumers and the brands who advertise on TV or through the clubs are the customers. The person who uses the product is the consumer and the person who pays for the product or needs the product to comfort the consumer is the customer.

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How Do You Spot The Difference?

Remember that the customer is the person who has the capacity or willingness to pay. The customer must always have the capacity or willingness to pay. If the person cannot pay or does not have the capacity to pay, that person is not the customer. Note that, it is possible for your consumer and customer to be the same person. Just do your research. Ask questions, listen and pay attention.

So how do you serve the two groups? It’s simple. Satisfy your consumer then market that satisfaction to your customers. If you have any questions, send me a dm here.

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