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Did You Know? 6 Ways To Cook And Enjoy Eggs


How often do you eat eggs? Do you know they are a cheap source of high-quality protein? Do you also know that they can raise good cholesterol level? Are you even aware that most of the protein in an egg is found in the egg white and not even the yolk which is the sweet part of an egg?

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Well, all these and more are true of eggs. So, I ask again, how often do you eat eggs? If you have kids, how often do you give them eggs or do you believe the fallacy that giving eggs to children will make them grow to be thieves who would steal to get money to buy eggs?

If you eat eggs often, how do you cook them? Are you the type who either boils or fries eggs because you don’t know other methods of cooking this food? If you are, then, you are about to learn something new. Below are six ways to cook and enjoy eggs

Boiled Egg: A boiled egg is an egg that is cooked in its shell. It is usually cooked by immersion and it can be soft boiled or hard-boiled. A boiled egg for me is a hard-boiled egg. This type of egg is cooked till the egg white and the egg yolk solidify. In my opinion, hard-boiled eggs look and taste better than soft-boiled ones. I’m well aware that a lot of people have a hard time cooking hard-boiled eggs. The secret to cooking this type of egg right is timing.

Egg Omelette: This is an interesting way to eat eggs. Egg Omelette is typically made with vegetables like tomatoes, green pepper, spinach. However, there is an art to making an omelette. Are you surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. Omelettes assume a certain shape and you can only get this shape if you match the number of eggs to the size of the frying pan used.

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Fried Eggs: I love fried eggs. Frying is a very popular way of cooking an egg. It’s easy to whip up and it’s versatile too. Fried eggs can be served with bread, noodles, fried plantain, and even rice. Nigerian fried egg is prepared by whisking the egg white and yolk alongside other ingredients. This is different from the oyibo style where the eggs are fried without whisking. Anyways, our method works for us so we are totally into it.

Scrambled Egg: If you are tired of boiled eggs and fried eggs, why not try scrambled eggs? Scrambled egg is a kind of fried egg. I say this because both types of eggs are cooked in hot fat and most Nigerians prepare both types of eggs with the same ingredients. However, while fried eggs look dry, scrambled eggs look light and creamy. Also, while scrambled eggs are stirred while they are being cooked, fried eggs are usually flipped when one side is ready.

Egg Sauce: This is another popular egg recipe. Omo, you can never go wrong with this sauce. It goes with boiled yam, boiled rice or spaghetti. It also goes with fried plantain and even bread. Plus it’s extra yummy. Oya, tell me why you won’t be making this for your family this week?

Poached Egg: This method of egg preparation is not popular in Nigeria.  I hear poaching is one of the best methods of cooking eggs but I’m not a fan of it as poached eggs look half done to me. In case you don’t know, poached eggs are deshelled eggs that are cooked in boiling water. Poached eggs can be eaten with bread, noodles.

So, these are the six ways that you can cook and enjoy eggs. Feel free to try them out at your convenience.

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