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With the new COVID certificate and passports being issued by countries whose citizens are vaccinated, the world of travel is about to experience a permanent shift. Beyond that, some things are happening on the Nigerian travel and tourism scene you should know about.

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  • The management of Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort changed hands in March. It will now be managed by Irin Ajo Nigeria. They will be managing this choice resort for the next 15 years and transforming it into a global phenomenon. So expect changes in the fees, staffing, ambience and anything that relates to Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort.
  • Lagos state was named the “Top Tourism State” in the country at the just concluded Abuja Jabamah – the Wonders of Nigeria Tourism Expo 2021 that took place in Abuja on the 26th & 27th of March 2021.
  • The International Air Transport Association (IATA) says new research by OXERA and Edge Health has deemed Rapid Antigen Testing as a safe and efficient way to restart air travels. The report commissioned by IATA found that antigen tests provide broadly comparable results to PCR tests in accurately identifying infected travellers. The processing times for antigen tests are 100 times faster than for PCR testing and 60% cheaper than PCR tests. The IATA’s Director General and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac said, “… Governments need to consider these findings as they make plans for a re-start.” This is because testing requirements are currently fragmented, which is confusing to travellers. Moreover, many governments do not allow rapid testing. If the only options available for travellers are PCR tests, these come with significant costs disadvantages and inconvenience.

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We can only hope Nigeria’s Presidential Task Force gives heed to these findings to help reduce the current stress and cost of travelling internationally on Nigerian travellers.

  • The World Travel Awards opened voting on the 30th of March 2021 and it will be concluded on the 9th of August 2021. It has contained the following latest nominations as regards Nigeria:

Lagos, Nigeria as one of Africa’s Leading Business travel destinations 2021Africa’s Leading Festival and Events Destination 2021,

Nigeria is one of Africa’s Leading Destinations and

Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation as one of Africa’s Leading Tourist Board 2021

To vote, you need to register for an account on the world travel awards website. You will be sent a verification link through the email address you supply. Once you are verified, you will be allowed to log in to vote.

You can upgrade your status from individual to industry when you supply your company details and association membership number during the registration process. As a verified industry voter, you will be required to submit a minimum of 10 votes which will count as two votes cast.

While as an individual/non-industry voter, your votes cast will count as one vote.

So please make sure you vote for our beloved country to win one or more of these tourism awards to help boost our tourism industry.

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