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Did You Know? Travelling Through The Lagos-Ibadan Railway


The Lagos-Ibadan route by train is only the first half of the 2,773km Lagos-Kano standard gauge line Railway project. It was started around 2006 and was completed last year. The rail line is a double-track standard gauge rail and it covers a distance of 156km. It began commercial activities on December 7th 2020.

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The Air Conditioners are fully functional for the First class coach (24-seater), the two Business class coaches (56- & 68-seater) and the Economy class (88-seater). The major difference between the economy class, the Business and First class seats is both the latter have armrests and their backrests are a bit adjustable.

The Business and First Class Coaches also have a kitchen where people can go to make tea/coffee, and drink water. There are some seats at the centre of each coach that have tables attached for those who need them to work with.

All the coaches have access to clean bathroom areas with toilets and wash hand basins. The train windows have curtains that you can choose to close to prevent too much sunlight from disturbing you during the ride.

The interior is comfortable and you can keep your luggage on a rack above you. There are power sockets with USB ports on either side of the rows to help passengers charge their phones and electronic devices during the ride.

The trip takes about 2hours 40mins max inclusive of a 5-minute stop at Prof. Wole Soyinka station at Laderin in Abeokuta. The departure time from Chief Obafemi Awolowo Station in Ibadan at 8am and arrives at Mobolaji Johnson Station in Lagos around 10:41 am. Then it moves from the Ebutte-Metta station around 4 pm and arrives at the Moniya Station around 6:41 pm.

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You are expected to get to the station 30mins early to conclude the registration and ticket buying process. To buy your ticket, you need to have a face mask, and a means of identification – passport, national ID, work ID, or voters’ card. This is compulsory.

The train works mainly on weekdays. (If at all it works on weekends, its departure time from Lagos – Ibadan will be 8:30 am and Ibadan to Lagos will be 6 pm).

Tickets can only be purchased on-site and with cash. Ticket fares go for N2,500 (economy class), N5000 (business fare) and N6000 (First class). Children below 14 years pay half the adult price per seat while those 14 years old and above pay full adult price per seat.

The train makes three trips along the following zones: Lagos – Ibadan = Zone 1-2; Lagos – Abeokuta = Zone 1; Abeokuta – Ibadan = Zone 2. For those who want to go Lagos to Abeokuta Zone 1 only, the fare is N4,500 (first-class seats), N3,500 & N3000 (Business class), N2000 (economy class). While Abeokuta to Ibadan Zone 2 only is between N600 & N2,000.

The entrance to the station in Lagos is next to the Alagomeji bus stop at Yaba in Lagos. It is an old building with the words Nigerian Railway Corporation, Lagos District, Ebutte-Metta Junction written in it.

While in Ibadan, the train station is at Moniya, quite a distance from the main Ibadan town. Moniya is 10 minutes from Oojo main park and about 20 minutes to Iwo road park, both in Ibadan (if there is no traffic on the roads).

The most scenic view during the trip can be seen when at the bridge approaching Kajola and Abeokuta. Here the lush green vegetation mingles with the streams and rivers in different directions.

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