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Don’t Fall For These Visa Myths


When applying for a visa as a Nigerian, it can be pretty daunting. Everyone is looking for the one sure way that works. Predators are out to exploit vulnerable prey. In a bid to increase the odds in our favour, we tend to believe if we follow a certain formula, everything will work out. And when things don’t work out, we become devastated.

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First, you need to remember is that visa applications are money-making ventures for the countries you are applying to. Anything is enough for you to be denied because the more applications they get the more money they make. It may not even be about you or if you made a mistake.

You can present all the right info and still be denied. That’s why we felt you should disabuse your mind from the myth that having any of the following will not guarantee your visa approval.

A Sponsor

Having a sponsor is good but it can put further scrutiny on your financial capacity. The consular may want to know if you are depending on your sponsor or if you have what it takes to handle your business.

They will check the length of time you have been working with your company or if you own landed properties and if you have a stable source of income, etc. and they will do the same financial history check for your sponsor.

A Robust Travel History

Sure having a travel history can be a huge advantage but it is not a guarantee for visa approval. Some persons who are well travelled have experienced rejections at embassies too. Sometimes the reputation of the countries you have travelled to could affect your chances of getting a visa.

What the consular is looking for is if you have strong economic ties to your home country and financial credibility. You can be a first-time visa applicant and be granted a visa even without a rich travel history.

A Fat Bank Account

You know you need some millions in your account as proof that you can handle yourself financially. But when applying, you have to submit your bank statements along with documentation of what you do for a living (job stability & other sources of income).

If you can’t justify how and why that large amount is in your account, forget about visa approval. If anything, an anomalous one-time big cash transaction can be a red flag and lead to you being rejected. It can be assumed as proceeds from a fraudulent transaction. So no, having a fat bank account doesn’t guarantee you visa approval.

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Being Invited

Just because a citizen invited you doesn’t mean you get a free pass at getting visa approval. If possible, it will draw more scrutiny. They will want to know the socioeconomic background and citizen status/history of the invitee.

They will cross check if your invitee violated their visa expiration deadlines and it will affect you. If your invitee overstayed, how can they be sure you won’t do the same. It might even stop them from allowing you to reapply. They will require proof of your relationship with your invitee and make sure your declared purpose of visiting is true not a hoax.

A Group-Based Application

Applying as part of a group (e.g. family, & on a group tour) does not automatically guarantee your visa application will be approved. Recently, someone shared a thread on Twitter of how some Nigerians were singled out on a trip to Cape Verde and sent back despite not lacking any required documentation.

Sometimes you can apply for an event or conference in another country as a group and they may approve some people’s visa application but not all. Why? Because everyone will be rated individually. Your socioeconomic background will determine if they should grant you a visa or not.

Also, avoid making this mistake

Thinking You Do Not Need Help

No man is an island. You can’t do it all on your own when applying for a visa. Be careful who you reach out to but reach out nonetheless. Speak with an immigration lawyer or a tour agent with a track record of visa processing success. Speak with others who have gone through the same process and came out successful.

Don’t just take note of their documentation; learn the reasons behind everything they did. Compare it to yours and what you are doing. Remember to keep your composure and tell the truth always when going for an appearance visa interview. Ultimately it’s up to the consular to decide if you deserve the visa or not.

Applying For A Multiple Entry Visa As A First-Time Traveller

Honestly, with no travel international history why should they give you a visa? You need to have a valid reason justifying why you need a multiple entry visa. They will look at your financial capacity based on the information you provided in your form and that will determine if your response is honest & realistic or not.

As a first-timer, you should settle for a single entry visa on your first try. Aim for a watertight defence; don’t be over-ambitious in your application.

Our intention is not to scare you but to give you a realistic expectation of the visa application process. Visa applications cost money and we want to make sure you are equipped to handle whatever outcome gets thrown at you.

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