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How To Find A Technical Co-founder


For the non-technical folks building startups from scratch, finding a technical co-founder who will help them refine the technology structure of the company is often an arduous task.

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Research has also shown that the chances of your startup succeeding are higher with a co-founder. Hence, the best bet is to get a technical cofounder if you are not one.

In the tech scene, technical founders complement non-technical founders with their programming knowledge and skills.

Below are 3 proven ways that can quickly get you in front of the right people.

Partner With The Prospective Technical Co-founder

Many are lately finding out that they spend more time with their co-founders than their family. Within years, a lot of the determinants of the success of a startup rests on the strength of the relationship of the co-founders.

Another reality is that cofounders cannot be recruited, but they can be wooed carefully by the initiator of an idea. Ideally, the relationship begins with a personal and/or working relationship, shared interests or complementary skills.

However, anytime this first model of finding co-founders does not work out, one very effective alternative is by hiring the prospective technical co-founder, evaluating them and getting acquainted with them within the first few months before proposing to turn the partnership into a co-founding relationship.

Nevertheless, a prominent attribute to look out for when exploring the partnership model is the problem-solving skills and entrepreneurial nature of the prospective co-founder.

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Make Good Use Of Community Traction

Platforms such as Product Hunt and Indie Hackers have several thousand startup founders of diverse backgrounds and interests. Many of these entrepreneurs who endeavour to share their products with the world to gather feedback and attract users are equally open to pitches of better opportunities especially if the future outlook of an idea looks appealing enough.

On another hand, serial entrepreneurs are naturally disposed to moving on from their stable ideas to starting newer ones. These type of entrepreneurs are always on the lookout to collaborate with other serious entrepreneurs on new projects.

Therefore, as a non-technical founder, it is recommended that you launch your startup on these platforms and communities where you will have the needed exposure to connect with potential co-founders and other key stakeholders.

Share Your Building Journey With The World

By documenting your startup or product building journey, you are not only marketing your product indirectly, but you are also pitching for potential co-founder joinings.

Many have found that building a community around a mission can help create helpful interest in what they are building. It is not a coincidence that visioners speak out about their journey and people who share their vision tag along.

Particularly, Ryan Hoover founded Product Hunt asked entrepreneurs for feedback in a tweet. Thus simple effort validated his idea and also connected Hoover with people who expressed interest in joining what he is building.

So, you may want to start that blog today.

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