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How To Recover Lost Files On A Memory Card


A lot of upwardly mobile folks now own at least one of the popular smartphone brands in the market today. Android phones ranging from Samsung, Tecno, Redmi and Infinix to the variety of iPhone models available in the market are now the go-to smartphones in this modern age.

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One very important element of these smartphones is the memory capacity- otherwise called the Read-Only Memory (ROM) where the phones application software, pictures, videos, documents and other files of various importance are stored.

Each phone comes with an internal memory which could be too minute to handle what the phone owner needs it to do.

Enter memory card.

A memory card, also sometimes called ‘Secure Digital card’ (SD card), is an insertable electronic data storage device that typically uses flash memory and is used for storing digital information in electronic devices. Memory cards are used to expand the memory capacity of phones that have limited memory capacity.

However, these SD cards are so delicate that they can either be corrupted by malware or mistakenly formatted while in use as support storage.

If your SD card got accidentally formatted, the files can be retrieved with Recoverit Data Recovery software. Recoverit Data Recovery by Wondershare offers one of the easiest ways to help recover data and files formatted SD card.

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Steps To Recover Files From Formatted SD Card

  • Download and install Recoverit Formatted Data Recovery software on a computer. Ensure that the memory card (SD card) is inserted into a card reader and connected to your PC.

The next 3 steps will guide you on how to use the software:

  • Step 1.

Launch Recoverit Data Recovery on your PC, then select your formatted memory card shown on the Recoverit window page.

Click on ‘Start’.

  • Step 2.

The recovery tool will start scanning the card for a few minutes to restore your formatted data and files.

The software will list all of the recovered files for you to view.

  • Step 3.

Once the scanning ends, all the recovered data and files such as photo, video, audio, music, Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF will be previewed on the screen.

Select your preferred files to recover from this list and click the ‘Recover’ button to save all recovered files to a safe device.

You can then preview recovered data files in the destination folder.

Recoverit Data Recovery software has been able to u-the memory card and gives you access to your files once again. The only situation that will not be able to recover formatted files is when you have saved new files on the formatted memory card.

Just ensure that you have not saved any new data on it, or your lost data will be overwritten.

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