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Microsoft Announces Tech Women Empowerment In Nigeria And Ghana


There has recently been more pragmatic action and drive involved in getting more women involved in the tech industry. Despite the not-so-encouraging numbers, there has definitely been recognisable progress.

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Yet, Big Tech organisations such as Microsoft are not resting on their ears to get more women involved in tech and make available more low hanging fruit opportunities in the industry.

Microsoft Leap, in partnership with the Africa Development Centre’s, Nigeria & Ghana Women’s Day Event is one of such opportunities that is bringing tech to the doorsteps of disadvantaged women hoping to join the industry.

Microsoft had announced that it will be hosting a week-long event for women in software engineering in Nigeria and Ghana.

The goal of the hands-on workshop include highlights that;

  • Deepen technical knowledge.
  • Sharpen interview skills.
  • Avenue to network and interact with Microsoft female software engineers.
  • And a host of other perks.

The venue of the workshop has been slated as virtual and it will be held on the 3rd – 7th of May 2021, 9 am – 12noon (+1GMT) of the selected dates.

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Eligibility Requirements

For the graduates who will be applying for this opportunity, having 1-3 years of programming / SWE experience is an advantage. A functional laptop and good internet connection are also desirable as the event is a virtual one depending on a reliable connection for participants.

Participants must also be available for 2-3 hours for the daily classes of the week-long workshop.

Other minimum requirements for prospective applicants of Nigeria & Ghana Women’s Day Event include;

  1. Having a working laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection.
  2. Being a graduate of a college or university in any discipline.
  3. Having at least one (1) year of applicable experience in addition to formal instruction.
  4. Being Female.
  5. Being a resident of Nigeria or Ghana.

Those who shall be applying for this opportunity from Nigeria and Ghana are enjoined to answer all questions on the application form to the best of their knowledge.

Although Microsoft has pledged its commitment to empowering the next generation of women leaders and change-makers in Africa with this initiative, it is, however, still limited to women who already have some training and experience in the tech economy.

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