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Monday Motivation: How To Overcome Depression 


There’s no one-size-fit-for-all approach when it comes to dealing with depression. While some people overcome it by adopting good habits, others find a solution in therapy or medication. However, it is undeniable that depression can only be overcome by taking action.

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One powerful way to overcome depression is by developing a morning routine. I learnt this approach from the book The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. The book is based on the belief that the way we start our day determines the way we end it. It encourages readers to create a morning routine that best suits them and stick with it.

Elrod recommends 6 life-changing activities which he groups under an acronym he calls SAVERS. He encourages readers to take out a few minutes every morning and engage in these activities. Here is what SAVERS stands for and how you can implement these activities in your life to build the life you want and overcome depression.


In the book, silence is used as an umbrella term for meaningful activities that require the individual to maintain a certain level of calm for a period of time. These include activities like prayer, meditation, and mindfulness. Not only can these activities provide an opportunity for some self-reflection, but they also hold benefits for the nourishment of the mind.

Sitting in purposeful silence allows one to express gratitude, live in the moment, and develop a sense of purpose. Next time you wake up, before diving headlong into the activities of the day, take some time out to sit in purposeful silence and observe how you feel afterwards.


Depression is often a result of negative distortions about oneself. When we have negative thoughts, they may end up being self-fulfilling prophecies that impact our success to a significant degree. However, positive thoughts have the reverse effect, conditioning us to act in ways that lead to success.

Remind yourself of your unlimited potential by reading positive affirmations to yourself on a daily basis. Affirmations help you remember your purpose and what you’re capable of, even in times when you may be prone to depression.

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This is a simple practice of closing your eyes for a short period and visualising the life you want for yourself. You can do it this way or you can create a vision board containing all your goals and visualise how you want them to pan out.

Visualisation is a powerful practice that has been used and recommended by professional athletes, actors, singers, and other successful performers around the world.

In ‘The Miracle Morning’, the author urges readers to picture their day going smoothly, themselves achieving their goals with ease, and celebrating the outcome with friends and family. Like affirmations, visualisation conditions your mind for success.


This one goes without saying. For a long time, exercise has proven to be beneficial in a number of ways. In the case of depression, exercise helps release feel-good chemicals called endorphins that increase tolerance to pain and stress. Incorporate a healthy dose of exercise in your daily routine to obtain this benefit.


There’s no better way to start the day than to read an uplifting book. Sometimes, depression results from distorted views about ourselves that are not necessarily true. Reading helps us see life in new ways, gain insights on how to approach our problems, and allows us to gain the motivation to be better.


Pull out your journal each day and take a moment to write down what you’re grateful for, lessons you’ve learned, and goals you hope to achieve. This is a great way to get over depression because it inspires you to be your best self and helps you maintain a confident state of mind.

Although the above are tried and tested activities that have the potential to enrich our lives, you can incorporate whatever activity you find meaningful into your morning routine. What’s most important is starting your day right and taking up activities that nourish your mind.

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