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SME Spotlight: Beddings ‘n’ Beyond


Beddings ‘n’ Beyond is an interior design company that provides beddings and furnishing for homes, corporate spaces, and the hospitality industry. Their projects involve organizing and improving the décor in these settings and supplying accessories that raise the aesthetic quality of spatial layouts.

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Founded in 2009 by Ogochukwu Agu, Beddings ‘n’ Beyond started as a supplier of bedding cases, linen, and other fabrics for home décor. Ogochukwu recalls beginning with just ₦20,000 and “little extra influence”.

They have since transited to the interior design business, and have become a leading name in that space.

For more than a decade, they have served a large number of clients including private residences, high-profile companies, and some of Nigeria’s top hotels. Their successes at these levels have made them even more prominent.

The Beddings ‘n’ Beyond online showcases are its two Instagram pages. One displays its recently completed projects—exquisitely designed bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. Beds, dining sets, bathtubs, curtains, lightings, and floral décor are all present, combined in forms and matching colours that fit with the spaces in which they’re placed.

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There’s also an online store, the BNB Living Home, which sells luxury home collections, including textured towels, mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, couch throws, satin sheets, lamps, reed diffusers, and bathroom accessories.

Beddings ‘n’ Beyond has worked with clients in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. It’s open to taking on projects across the country. Buyers can also order furnishings from their Instagram store, and through their other contact channels.

Ogochukwu says she’s pleased with the growth that the brand has achieved thus far. But she has bigger plans for it. Over the next few years, it could be expanding its services even further, accepting more tasks in other cities across Nigeria, and elsewhere in West Africa.

For now, Beddings ‘n’ Beyond continues to be a go-to for luxury interior design for the country’s upscale districts, companies, and hotels. And they’re strengthening their hold on the space, one project at a time.

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