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SME Spotlight: Habana Bespoke


Suits come in all sorts of varieties. Sometimes they’re modest, designed for work or regular functions. Others are exquisite, styled for high-level corporate events or public occasions. In both instances, they could be fashion statements, a symbol of identity for whoever wears them.

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The team at Habana Bespoke says that they design suits to make the right impression. As a bespoke fashion company, they have been sewing these outer adornments for over fifteen years. In that time, they’ve made innumerable suits, typically tailored to meet their customers’ specifications.

Habana Bespoke was founded by Ade Olodun in 2006. It began by serving clients in Lagos, and has since expanded its scope to include customers in Abuja, Port Harcourt, and elsewhere in Nigeria. The company also takes and fulfils orders from Europe.

Olodun is himself a skilled fashion entrepreneur. He has trained at the London College of Fashion and has an MA from the Hult International Business School. He’s brought this learning to bear on the company and has also sharpened his managerial acumen through years of business experience.

Habana has two product categories. First, there’s the bespoke design and tailoring service, which requires the company to make suits in line with customers’ measurements and specifications. There are also ready-made products, which may be purchased from the Habana Bespoke website.

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The process of making and delivering a bespoke suit begins with taking measurements, pattern styles, and other specifications from the client. The company says that it designs suits to fit with the customers’ “lifestyle and physique.” There may be three or four fittings for a first suit. The aim here is to arrive at something that’s a perfect fit for the customer.

Habana also sells ready-to-wear clothes. Its collection includes business and luxury suits, business and luxury shirts, accessories (lapel pins, socks, and ties), chinos, trousers, as well as a mix and match of various clothing items.

These are listed on its website and can be ordered from that platform. Deliveries can be made to some of Nigeria’s major cities. Customers who want a bespoke suit may also book an appointment on the website.

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