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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: David Hundeyin 


In a country overrun by tyranny and oppression, truth speakers are a beacon of hope and solace to its populace. This is why individuals like David Hundenyin deserve more reach and a better platform to unmask the hidden agendas and schemes that have corrupted Nigerian politics.

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Who Is David Hundeyin?

David Hundeyin is a Nigerian journalist and public commentator who works for media outlets such as The African Report, News Wire Nigeria, and Sahara Reporters. His active role in exposing the controversial past of Nigeria’s minister of communications and digital economy, Isa Pantami, has led him to become a spectacle in the media, as well as the target of resilient threats.

Hundeyin’s involvement in the case began after reports linking the minister to terror groups surfaced in the media. At first, these reports, which were published on Nigeria’s Daily Independent and NewswireNG, were met with scepticism and eventually retracted after Pantami voiced litigation plans.

This led Hundeyin to carry out a further investigation which yielded damning evidence about the minister’s extremist Islamic views and provided no room for doubt.

This wouldn’t be Hundeyin’s first clash with the government. In 2020, Hundeyin was forced to flee Nigeria after facing persecution due to his involvement in the #EndSARS protests.

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He is also vocal on Twitter where he tweets about the affairs of the nation and clamours for its restructuring. It would be an understatement to say Hundeyin is doing an excellent job in unmasking the sinister principalities at the nation’s helm.

In an interview with Nigeria Abroad, Hundeyin explains why he is relentless in going after the cabal even if this puts his life at risk.

“Because it’s the least we could do. We can have incompetent people in government, but there’s a difference between ordinary incompetence and actual evil. If you’re in Nigeria, he has access to your biometrics and finances. If you’ve done my kind of work, seen the data I’ve seen, you’ll see they are taking steps to homogenize Nigeria.”

Hundeyin is a testament to how Nigerians, home and abroad, can leverage the internet to destabilise a government rooted in tyranny.

“I believe I’m among the few people that can do the work I’m doing on Nigeria: not everyone can up and leave like I did. They can’t affect my finances. They also can’t shut down the internet because many businesses in the economy rely on it. They fear the internet and don’t know what to do with it,”

he says.

Featured Image Source: NewsWireNGR

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