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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Dele Farotimi 


Over the years, the challenges that have plagued Nigeria have been an eyeopener. They throw light on the need for Nigerians to be more vocal about social and political issues, as well as, the power social media gives them to exercise this right.

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As a result, we’ve witnessed the rise of several vocal individuals on Twitter, a social media platform that encourages social and political discourse. This was quite evident during the #EndSARS protests of 2020 where we saw several powerful influencers use social media to spearhead a revolution.

One of such individuals is Dele Farotimi, a lawyer and seasoned political activist who always has a wise nugget to drop on Twitter.

A quick look at Farotimi’s timeline and it’s easy to tell he is a man who would rather express his displeasure in a country with a chaotic state of affairs than remain tongue-tied. Not surprisingly, Farotmi’s political activism goes a long way back to the 90s.

Born with a desire to effect change wherever he set foot, Farotimi was the president of the student union from 1994-1995 at Lagos State University.

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This leadership opportunity ignited a fire in him to become a catalyst for social change. As a lawyer and activist, he has lent his voice to campaigns for a new Nigeria both in and out of the courtroom.

Dele is a firm believer that the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the architect of Nigeria’s problems, thus, the hashtag #End1999Constitution.

He describes the Nigeria of his dream as:

‘A Nigeria whose politicians are driven by love for her and not personal interests nor selfish gain. Where its leaders serve on the principles of accountability and transparency; a Nigeria that will no longer remain at the back ends of the committee of nations; a Nigeria that will rise to take her place in the frontlines.’

Not only is Dele adept at tweeting political nuggets, but he is also a master at writing books that speak to the heart of Nigerians. In 2019, he released his book ‘Do Not Die in their War’, which calls for the overhaul of the Nigerian system and encourages Nigerians to be the change they seek.

Farotimi is an inspiration to many individuals who hope the Nigeria of their dreams will materialise in their lifetime. His 30,000 followers on Twitter mirrors a Nigeria that has fast grown to become politically conscious and more equipped to extinguish the flames of tyranny.

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