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Speak The Language Of Your Audience


In a previous article, I shared how crucial it is to know your target market, and beyond that, segment them into your audience and customer. We established that your customer is a subset of your target audience. So, to be able to filter out your customer and get them to buy, you must first please them as an audience.

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To do this, I often recommend building your smallest viable audience. This is a concept Seth Godin shares a lot. Finding a small group of people, serving them, learning with them and growing with them.

Focus on someone, not everyone. Get one person, give that one person your best, speak to that one person in a way they understand, make mistakes with them and correct those mistakes, and watch that person grow into 10 people.

Keep giving your best and those 10 will grow into 100 and eventually 1000. You’ll notice exponential growth.

The reason this is important is that it helps you understand your audience on a deeper level. A crucial part of knowing your audience is speaking their language.

Ask them questions in conversations. Engage with them in the comment section of your posts and those of other communities in your industry.

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You can even engage in the comment section of your competitors. Engage with them offline as well. Pay attention to what words they use to describe their problems and insert those words in your title or the solution description.

Why say: I’ll teach you to increase the ROI of your branding cost using a systemic approach based on hypotheses I created.

When you can say: I’ll teach you how to make 5x more profit with a better brand.

Depending on your audience, of course!

Tell them about the benefits of your presence in their lives, not the features. Read more about this here.

Don’t just talk about yourself or your business, talk about their problems, how they describe it and offer them solutions.

State how your business can help them achieve that solution, and you will have their attention.

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