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Tina Nwanya Is Making Travel Affordable With Njetours


Tina Nwanya’s love of travel becomes visible when she speaks about it. She smiles as she shares her story of building one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing tour companies, and describes the joys of exploring the world as part of a group.

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She’s determined that more people become as enthusiastic about touring foreign lands as she is. Njetours, the company she runs, is making affordable travel possible for a larger segment of the Nigerian public. It’s bucking the trend in this space by catering to ’budget travellers’.

The company takes care of travel details for private and corporate travellers, including flights, accommodation, and experience. It typically offers the best-in-market fees for these services.

In an interview with Connect Nigeria’s Emeka Ebeniro, Tina talked about her establishing Njetours, the progress it’s made so far, the challenges it’s dealing with, and what she loves about travel. The interview was broadcast on Business Connect, a weekly Instagram live session organized by Connect Nigeria.

Starting Out  

Tina decided to set up Njetours when she realized the potential of this large, underserved market. Having worked with other organizations in the industry, she knew that the traditional travel and tour companies weren’t getting a lot of traction outside of the upper-middle and higher income brackets.

“I noticed that people thought you had to have a lot of money to travel,” she recalls. “I thought that didn’t have to be the case.”

But she had other reasons for starting the company—including one that was quite close to home.

“Once, my brother wanted to travel, but he fell into the wrong hands,” she remembers. “I was angry and decided to do something about it.”

Njetours was launched in 2017. In the years that followed, it grew into one of the more recognizable travel agencies in Nigeria.

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How Njetours Takes On The Business Of Travel

Njetours handles ticketing and reservation for local and international airlines and takes care of hotel reservations and apartment short-lets for its clients. It also helps with visa processing and international passports, airport protocols, and travel insurance.

Customers can select from multiple tour packages, including trips to Dubai (in the UAE), Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Mauritius, and Ghana. Travellers may choose to go as individuals, a small group of family or friends, or as part of a larger travel party.

Tina finds group tours interesting.

“It helps you connect with people, and form networks,” she says. “You can make new friends, build business relationships, and promote your brand to a group for a short period.”

Her work with Njetours is getting a fair degree of recognition. In 2018, Njetours was named one of Africa’s Top 100 Tour Operators by Africa Travel Quarterly.

Mentoring The Next Generation Of Travel Consultants

Tina also runs a program called Njepreneur, which trains and mentors upcoming tour organizers. Participants are guided through the important steps to starting and operating a travel and tour company.

It’s a path she has taken herself. Tina has depended on mentors, people who have been in the business of travel for longer than she has. Now, she’s accumulating a wealth of experience, and passing it on to aspiring travel entrepreneurs.

Of all the advice she shared in her interview with Connect Nigeria, one stands out: the need to have a big picture view of things.

“Sometimes, you plan a trip for a large number of bookers, but only a few show up,” she explains. “Even if your bookers cancel, you can rely on those who go on the trip to spread the word about you. Word of mouth works.”

If you would like to hear more success stories from entrepreneurs in Nigeria, tune in to Business Connect. It goes live every Friday on the Connect Nigeria Instagram page.

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