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Video Of The Week: How To Track Your Expenses For Beginners


Economics defines money as a means to an end. This means money enables us to achieve our end goals. Unfortunately, most people see money as an end, as opposed to a means.

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They make the common mistake of thinking all their problems are over once they make money, hence the phrase “money can’t buy happiness“. Little do they know that money is only a means to an end and not the end itself.

When you start treating your income as a means, you learn how to better manage it. You understand that it must be maintained, nurtured, and tracked. Being able to track your expenses is an important life skill that should be learnt early in life.

In our video of the week, personal finance coach, Tito Abumere, describes it as the easiest personal finance habit. Not only is it an easy habit to adopt but it is also a beneficial one.

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If you want to stop spending money and wondering where it has all gone, here is a video by Tito that shows what you can do.


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