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What Nigeria Stands To Gain From Agilitee’s Electric Motorbikes


Africa and especially Nigeria as one of the major oil-producing nations in the world is fast losing its grip on the energy economy as alternative power solutions for diverse uses are being explored.

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Meanwhile, using environmentally friendly modes of transport could greatly reduce pollution and save the cost of transportation and the economy.

Agilitee is a South African based company that manufactures Electric Vehicles (EV) (motorbikes) that use green energy off the grid for powering mobility.

Users do not have to charge their EV motorbike at home; a battery swap can be done at any Agilitee Dealership and other swapping stations.

With only three years in, Mandla Lamba, Chief Executive Officer of Agilitee, is a visionary who has had to overcome personal obstacles to set the stage for launching their latest collection of 3 two-wheeler electronic models on the 1st of April 2021, in South Africa. One of the models just rolled out, – the LoadEX -, is an electric delivery motorcycle targeted for use by local fast-food delivery and courier companies.

These EV motorbikes come with unbelievable features and advantages such as no need for oil changing, absence of fuelling, no exhaust gases or noise. All you have to is just charge or swap the batteries and use them.

The EV startup is also in the process of manufacturing its first four-wheeled vehicle which is expected to be launched in 2023. With the yet to be launched car, it comes with a Wallbox charger that is powered by solar that can be installed for charging at home.

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According to the CEO, some of the other problems they faced was in raising funds necessary for Research & Development and production. Lamba and his team have declined a total of $73 million in total from prospective investors whose goal do not align with the company vision.

However, they have managed to raise capital from ordinary investors who bought preference shares in the early stages with the hope that they will sell same for a higher premium when the company exits to Initial Public Offering (IPO) stage.

Agilitee’s business model aims at selling licenses for expanding the business and dealerships by operating a 5% direct ownership franchises.

Touted as the mode of transportation for the future, Agilitee has successfully obtained useful partnerships with investment companies such as Capitec Bank, Vertiyhurst, ABSA Bank. Their license has also been sold as well as in Ghana, Kenya, Botswana, Ireland and India.

The company has also secured a manufacturing partnership with eBiokeGo Limited -one of India’s smartest electric mobility platform offering and enhancing India’s electronic mode of transport.

The partnership with eBikeGo is aimed at obtaining the right to eBikeGo’s efficient manufacturing ecosystems for implementation in Africa. India is currently the unofficial centre of durable motorbike and the partnership with India will enhance Agilitee’s hold on the motorbike market generally.

A rather interesting development is that no company in Nigeria is known to have acquired the license to produce Agilitee’s EV motorbike varieties in a country where people are looking to reduce their unhealthy consumption of petroleum products.

With many more futuristic technologies springing up of late, starting with clean technology such as zero-emission vehicles will open doors to even more innovation. into tomorrow.

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