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App Of The Week: Pawa2U


It’s not always easy fitting all our chores into one day. From unexpected delays to disappointments, we find that we have little time left for other things that matter in our lives. Life would be so much easier if we could refill our gas cylinders, refill our generators, and buy electricity just by tapping a button.

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Thankfully, Pawa2U has made this a reality. Pawa2U is a door-to-door delivery mobile application offering basic power and energy services ranging from diesel, cooking gas, inverters, generators, and solar power systems.

The app is designed with features that cover orders, delivery and the installation process, all in a bid to make life easier for the user.

Meet Pawa2U

Pawa2U is available on the Google Play and iOS App Stores. It takes less than a minute to download the app and have it running on your device. The app has a beautiful layout that displays all the services it offers to registered users.

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After registering, a user can select any of the services boldly displayed on the homepage. There are several vendors to choose from for all the services and users can opt to buy from vendors closest to them. After placing an order, users can track their delivery using the app’s GPS locator.

Pawa2U is particular about service, ensuring that all vendors undergo a vetting process before joining the platform.

Getting The App 

Click any of the links below to download Pawa2U depending on the device you use.

Featured Image Source: Pawa2u

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