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Brands We Love: Vitafoam


You have almost certainly heard about Vitafoam. As one of the biggest producers of foams in Nigeria, the company has provided pillows and mattresses for tens of thousands of households in Nigeria. It’s been doing this for several decades and continues to be a top brand in this space.

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But Vitafoam doesn’t just make beds. They also manufacture furniture for private residences and offices, products for maternal and baby comfort, as well as leisure mats, sofa beds, and accessories to support the setup of its other offerings.

Vitafoam’s long history dates back to 1962 when British Vita set up a subsidiary in Nigeria in partnership with a local distribution company. The firm began manufacturing foams in Lagos the following year. In 1978, British Vita reduced its stake in the Nigerian business to 20%, allowing local control and establishing the entity now recognized as Vitafoam.

Closer to the present, its alliance with Vono Foam in 2011 and the establishment of several product subsidiaries in the 2000s have helped Vitafoam expand considerably, and maintain its position as a market leader in foam production.

Vitafoam’s top manufacture—its mattresses –is built for a range of body weights. There’s a mattress for individuals who weigh less than 50kg, up to 70kg, up to 100kg, and above 100kg. The individual products are known by the names ‘Vita Spring Firm’, ‘Vita Flex’, and Vita Supreme.

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They also make the Vita Twill Double Mattress, a flippable mattress that’s fit for weights of up to 120kg.

There are multiple labels for the pillows produced by Vitafoam. Most of these are either fibre pillows or memory pillows, and they come in various sizes. The company also makes floor and throw pillows. Bedsheets, duvet sets, and memory toppers are on its list of products too.

Vitafoam builds furniture for bedrooms and living rooms, as well as offices, schools, and hospitals. These include beds, sofa, and stools, as well as global chairs, bunk beds, office desks, hospital cabinets, and strip stands.

These products may be purchased at Vitafoam dealerships across Nigeria. Alternatively, intending buyers can send an email or speak with them over the phone about the products they would like to get. Private order deliveries are available for customers in Lagos and may be fulfilled between two and five working days.

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