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Did You Know? Ushafa Crushed Rock


Though not a very popular destination, Ushafa houses the Usuma Dam, a Pottery village, and a seasonal mini waterfall through a cave. All of these plus an abandoned quarry are tucked away in the Bwari area council of Abuja.

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The Ushafa crushed rock has a man-made lake that is fast becoming a major tourist attraction like the Mpape Crushed Rock. It is pretty secluded with no amenities or commercial hubs around. This aquamarine lake has crystal clear waters that do not smell.

This abandoned quarry has two main entrances, one is gated the other isn’t. The gated entrance may require a gate fee while the free entrance requires going through a longer route. It takes a driver who knows the area well to take you through the longer route. That’s why it is advisable to take a bike to get there.

Just say you are going to Adefemi and they will bring you to the road that leads you to the crushed rock. They will probably stop you along the main road because the path to the crushed rock is not motorable. From the main road to the crushed rock, it is a 10 – 20 minutes’ walk depending on your walking speed. If you are driving, it is a short hike of 3-5 minutes through a rough pathway from where the car can get to.

@waka_waka_nnenna – Instagram

Because there are no amenities and commercial hubs nearby, you will have to bring along your picnic basket, parasol, drinks and meals. Carrying things can make going up the rocky-earth path to the site tough. But if you are lucky, some locals may offer to assist you with carrying the items. Just make sure you clean up after yourself so the place remains as pristine as you met it for other tourists who will visit later.

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Unlike Mpape, locals swim in this beautiful lake. However, there is a sign that warns of no swimming because the water is deep. But if you are a good swimmer, then taking a chance to dive in should be nothing to worry about.

The locals jump off the high rocks and plunge into the water any day or time. You can rent a ‘duck floater’ to aid your swimming experience. This improvised ‘floater’ is made by the locals with plastic bottles. It is tied around the waist to prevent drowning for those who aren’t pro swimmers. If swimming isn’t your thing, you can opt to rent a canoe for a boat ride on the lake or just pose in it and take cool photos.

@waka_waka_nnenna – Instagram

Speaking of cool photos, to have shots that pop, visit Ushafa during the dry season when the sun is up and the skies are blue and wear bright colours. Imagine a red, fushia pink, yellow or bright orange outfit against the grey rocky hue and bluish-green waters with a little brown from the shallow portion of the lake. Even black on our brown skin will pop against this breathtaking backdrop.

The rock formation adds another mindblowing dimension to the beauty of being at this location. Even if you aren’t jumping off the rocks into the lake, you can go rock climbing and enjoy an aerial view of the beauty of the landscape.

Have you been to Ushafa Crushed Rock? Tell us all about it.

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