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How To Work From Home Effectively


Virtual assistants, translators, tutors, copywriters, call centre agents, software engineers, designers and several other workers are getting onboarded onto remote work and working from home. More and more workers are staying at home to earn their keep as the world moves online after the COVID19 pandemic upset.

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However, becoming home-based takes a lot of preparation to work out effectively. Working effectively from home and being productive is best done using some of the highlights below.

  1. Keep Regular Work Hours

Setting a stipulated time for work each day does not imply that you need to work 9-5 every day. However, it is best to stick with whatever time you choose.

Setting regular hours may help to harmonise communication time with your colleagues and bosses.

Another advantage of keeping your regular hours is that it limits distractions from spouses, children and neighbours as most of them are also more likely to be engaged during this time than at any other time.

  1. Separate Personal Time From Work Time

Demarcating and compartmentalising what constitutes personal time and work time is very essential for an effective work from home schedule.

It is always best not to keep breezing between the personal and work just because of the proximity to the home.

Do not extend the workday far beyond your schedule or else you stand the risk of burnout. You should also set your work hours ahead, communicate it to colleagues, bosses and partners, and also plan ahead for when you will not be on your seat.

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  1. Dress For Work

If you have been working from home for the past year, your work clothes may have been gathering dust. You do not have to dress the part only when you have Zoom video meetings, wearing work clothes effuses a sense of confidence that may drive you through the day.

Wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt might be more comfortable, but it may also make you feel sleepy, sluggish or unmotivated.

Aside from the psychological motivation to work that wearing work clothes bring, it also gives you the satisfaction of continuing the usual work routine.

  1. Create A Capable Home Office

Lastly, one very important constituent of working from home effectively is setting up your home office. You don’t want to create an office that is not comfortable to sit at for hours.

Without this technological enablement, working from home is virtually difficult.

Just as it is done with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), getting very sharp tools to work from will make a difference in your experience.

A good internet/Wifi, laptop/desktop computer, handsfree Bluetooth headset, a desk and an ergonomically fitting chair is the minimum required for your home office to be effective enough.

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