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Monday Motivation: 4 Uncomfortable But Life-Changing Truths You Need To Hear Today


Life is hard, but sometimes our perception of it makes it harder than it should be. The solution to this is hearing the uncomfortable, raw truths that make us ponder. Seeing life for what it really is can be a great source of motivation. It can spur us to take responsibility for our lives and inspire us to develop a powerful mindset.

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Here are 4 truths that you may not want to hear but can change your life.

No One Cares About You As Much As You Think

This can be a good or bad thing depending on how you see it. We are all emotional beings who want to be accepted and loved for who we are. Therefore, it can be uncomfortable learning that NO ONE is invested in your as much as you think.

I know this sounds outlandish, but hear me out. Yes, you have family members and loved ones who care about you. However, none of them is remotely as invested in your life as much as you think.

We’re all self-absorbed beings who think we’re the main characters of our own story. You see a strange person walk past you on the street. How long do you spend thinking about them? Do you still think about them when you’re about to go to bed or you’re more worried about your next day at work?

This should be a reminder the next time you avoid taking a wise step due to what others might think. Remember that no one really cares. They may criticise you or praise you for a short while. But they’ll be back to worrying about their own lives in no time.

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Suffering Is Good For You

We fear pain and suffering because we think they’re bad for us, yet we forget the one simple truth principle that there’s no pain without gain. If you want to see progress in your life, you must welcome the suffering that comes with taking action. It is through suffering that you grow, gain new perspectives about life, and become a better person.

You Can’t Please Everyone 

We all want to be liked and admired to some degree. Approval from others is fuel for our insatiable egos. However, in life, it doesn’t take us long to realise that some people won’t be thrilled by us no matter what we do to earn their approval.

The problem is often not in realising this but in know how to react. Knowing that doing things to please everyone won’t take you far is liberating. You become free to start pleasing the only people that matter, which is yourself and the people who deserve it.

Your Level Of Suffering Depends On You

Life is full of challenges, but most men suffer more than they should. If you start worrying constantly about something before it even happens, then you’ve already started suffering mentally. Life becomes much easier when you start focusing on things you can control and accepting the ones beyond your control.

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