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Nigerian Creators On Clubhouse Can Now Earn Tips


When Clubhouse was released to iPhone users on the iOS mobile platform, Nigerians made it a daily staple so much that it created a network effect.

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Almost all upwardly mobile iPhone users made it a point to join virtual discussion rooms while also influencing their friends and family to download the social audio app.

Clubhouse has been growing rapidly with more than 10 million monthly active users. Nigerians, home and in the diaspora, soon became one of the largest demographics using the app.

Clubhouse has now opened the doors to help reward users who drive engagement as a result of the content they create. With this development, it has now joined a host of other social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube which have some form of tipping as creator reward.

This avenue being explored by Clubhouse is one that focuses first on a monetization model via participant income rather than internalized advertising.

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The startup company is trying a feature called Payments. This feature will be made available to more than 60,000 creators with the enablement that lets users send money to support people they hear speaking in the app’s virtual rooms.

These creators, who are sometimes social media influencers who also double as some of the savviest entrepreneurs you can find around have huge power over culture.

The payments feature will allow users to tip their favourite creators. In a recent announcement, Clubhouse revealed that it will not take a cut of the tips which listeners can use to reward creators. The startup has also insisted that it does not intend to introduce traditional advertising on the app.

Stripe, which just acquired Paystack for $200 million is the assigned payment processing company out of which it will be taking 2.9% of all tips charged to the sender.

The Payment/Tip update is gradually being released to users until a final rollout is achieved.

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