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SME Spotlight: Forst Eye Clinic


Nigeria has an eye health challenge. More than 4 million people in the country are either blind or visually impaired. A much larger segment of its population is constantly at risk of eye damage due to unhealthy environmental conditions and lifestyles.

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Eye clinics are numerous, especially in urban areas. But quality service from these centres is not guaranteed. Some are staffed by experts and consistently deliver positive outcomes. Others have a less-than-desirable track record.

Forst Eye Clinic has a history that’s long enough to settle the nerves of sceptical patients. For almost thirty years, they have attended to people from all walks of life and helped most of them on the way to better eye health.

The clinic was established in Lagos in 1992. Its founder, Dr Veronica Akuete, is an experienced ophthalmologist. Over the years, she’s built her practice into one of Lagos’s most recognized facilities for the diagnosis of eye health issues. Today, it has a presence in four locations across the city.

Forst Eye Clinic conducts an assortment of eye examinations for patients. These screenings are done using digitized technologies. Results may prove crucial for the diagnosis of eye conditions. In many cases, these checks reveal problems that are at the developmental stage, allowing the patient to seek treatment early enough.

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They also screen for eye diseases like glaucoma, which are capable of impairing a patient’s vision. Industrial screening is provided upon request too. This is a service provided to workers who are often exposed to conditions that may harm their eyes.

Anyone who wants to fit contact lenses into their eyes can visit Forst Eye Clinic for this as well. The clinic says that it’s able to fit lenses on individuals from a broader demographic than what many people would consider normal. They put this down to the skill and expertise of their staff.

Forst Eye Clinic serves children of school-going age, who might need their eyesight improved. Drivers who want a reliable screener for their vision tests can also book an appointment with them.

Besides these regular services, Forst Eye Clinic periodically takes on community eye health engagements. As part of these exercises, members of a community get access to free eye examinations, glasses, and drugs.

Individuals who want to be attended to at Forst Eye Clinic may get an appointment via its website, speak with them over the phone, or visit any of their centres.

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