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SME Spotlight: Vivano Beddings And More


For many people, the ideal home looks something like this:

A bedroom with beds draped in fine, neatly-sewn sheets and duvets; a bathroom stuffed with clean towels, robes, and floor coverings; and a full complement of pleasing fragrances, laundry essentials, and faux plants.

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Throw in comfortable and stylish sitting room furniture, and they’ll have a living space worth boasting about.

Of the many businesses that provide these items, Vivano Beddings and More is one of the relatively few that make them available on an easily navigable website.

From its stores in the Surulere and Lekki districts of Lagos, this company supplies luxurious beddings and fragrances to customers within its host city and much of the surrounding region.

Vivano was set up in 2009. Its founder, Vivian Anozie, describes herself as “a seasoned customer relationship manager.” Prior to launching her business, she had a working stint at a local bank and gained experience as a salesperson.

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She’s drawn from her past learning to build Vivano. In the eleven years since its establishment, Vivian has driven the business from its beginnings as a roadside shop, to a brand that’s serving all of Lagos through multiple sales channels.

Vivano’s products include most of the soft furniture and covering you’ll need in a bedroom: pillows, mattresses, duvet inserts, and toppers. It stocks plain and embroidered bed sheets too; these are designed for use in homes and hotels.

Bathroom robes, rugs, sheets, and towels are on sale too. Vivano’s collection of bath towels includes Jacquard Turkish towels and Turkish face towels. Shoppers can purchase face and hand towels from them as well.

If you enthuse over home fragrances, you may find Vivano’s array of scent sprays and diffusers interesting. Essential oils and fragrance candles are on its showcases, as are linen and room sprays. Reed diffusers, popular with many contemporary homesteads, are stocked too.

Other items on Vivano’s product list include trunk boxes, air purifying bags, artificial plants, and a set of detergents, bleaches, and washes.

These products can be ordered from Viviano’s online shop (its website) or bought at its brick-and-mortar store.

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