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Brands We Love: Cloudflex


Cloudflex is one of a growing number of cloud service providers in Nigeria. Like its counterparts, it helps companies across Nigeria transition to the cloud and manages their cloud infrastructure.

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There’s been a global mass movement away from on-site hardware and localized storage to the cloud. IT-dependent firms have led the way on this, assisted by cloud service providers. Already, much of the world is benefiting from this. From faster application deployments to flexible storage and processing capacities, the cloud is transforming the way people work and do leisure time.

Cloudflex wants to make these benefits more accessible to Nigerians. It’s doing this by serving businesses that in turn provide services to a large segment of the country’s population. Leveraging better cloud resources, Cloudflex’s partners can lift the quality of its customers’ work and play, and enrich their lived experience.

The company’s CEO, Remi Adejumo, founded Cloudflex in 2016. He did so because he thought that many businesses weren’t getting quality cloud support. He’s built a cloud service provider from scratch and is pushing for a greater share of the, now, competitive market for cloud services.

Some of the services available from Cloudfex include Backup as a Service (BaaS), Storage as a Service (STaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). The first enables businesses to back up their data so that it’s retrievable at a later date; the second lets clients store their data on the cloud; the third provides a cloud-based space within which services can be delivered.

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There’s also Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), delivery of the infrastructure that supports cloud operations; Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), which protects business resources from losing vital resources when disaster strikes; and Managed Collocation, the provision of rack space for the client’s servers.

Offerings from Cloudflex are bolstered by its two data centres. It also boasts 99.9% uptime and provides round-the-clock support for companies that use its products. Because it’s local, its customers don’t have to pay in foreign currency for anything that does for them, as they would for foreign cloud service providers.

The services on offer from Cloudflex are flexible and scalable. This means that businesses that subscribe to its services can scale up their cloud resources to meet current demand. Cloudflex’s business model is subscription-based, so clients can pay only for the capacity that they need, and potentially save themselves from a lot of costs.

Some of the clients that Cloudflex has catered to include FBN Mortgages, Fidelity Bank, Tangerine Life, and Kwese TV.

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