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3 Relevant Skills All Marketers Must Acquire In 2021


Marketing is a high demand skill of the 21st century and many marketers make sizeable incomes from this career path. However, there are certain types of soft skills that are required almost as much as the hard skills to become a successful digital marketer.

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Greenhorns in marketing usually focus on getting the hard skills for a job done but ignore the glue that connects the products to the consumers.

This article would be providing the three most important skills for marketers in 2021 that has become a determining factor for the growth or otherwise of a marketer’s career. These relevant skills of marketers in 2021 are referred to as the 3c’s of Marketing.

  1. Communication

When creating content that is intended to be published across various media platforms, it is important that this content communicate a message. Marketers with only hard skills tend to create content that does not clearly communicate the idea of the product or service to the clients and consumers. It is important for a marketer to excellently pass the product’s message to avoid a mix up in communication. The other challenge that marketers with hard skills alone face is the likelihood of being verbose. These marketers use words and words that are repetitive or irrelevant and the customers tend to lose touch and get bored.

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  1. Consistency

Research has shown that the average attention span of a human is about 5 seconds. Thanks to apps with only 30secs space for updates, this average attention span has become shorter. At this point, it is an arduous task for marketers to post content on a regular basis. Consistency is a skill in high demand that many organisations and companies search for. A consistent marketer always has a line-up of clients and consumers looking forward to reading their works. To increase consistency, the use of scheduling apps that enables batch upload and scheduled publishing is the best bet in the journey of consistency.

  1. Creativity

The third skill that ties it all up together for a marketer in 2021 is creativity. Over three million content is published daily and clients get easily distracted by the overload of information. The best way to stand out amidst the noise is to be creative. Creativity causes interest to be aroused whenever the content is published. A marketer should find interesting ways to ensure that whatever is published is the best.

As much as there are hard skills necessary for marketers to excel in the 21st century, they need these soft skills to get the ball rolling and secure the bag. Marketers are intentional and should continuously look for ways to expand their knowledge and reach. This is because the marketing platform is a continuously disrupting platform. What this means is that things do not stay the way they are for very long and this requires marketers to be at the top of their game and offer the very best of their services wherever they find themselves.

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