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3 Ways To Save For A Debt-Free Dream Vacation (Pt 3)

For some weeks we have been looking at the three ways we can save for a debt-free vacation. We decided to take our time on this topic because it is the bedrock of any tourism dream. It is important to note you do not have to be rich to be a tourist and with the tips outlined so far, having a tourist lifestyle is achievable.

First, we looked at placing vacations high on your priority list because when you see it as a necessity, not a luxury, it will be easy to work towards. Next, we looked at counting the cost because it is important to arm yourself with the right information while you plan.

Today, we will look at strategies to help you raise the income you need to use for your trips.

Designate income to travelling

Taking a vacation should not put you in debt or rip an eternal hole in your financial pocket. It’s not wise to spend all your emergency savings on a vacation only to return stressed, thinking of how to make the money back.

To enjoy a hassle-free vacation, the wise course of action is to increase your income to accommodate the trip or set money aside regularly towards it.

  • Side Hustle – You  can start a side hustle to raise extra cash, specifically for the trip. You can sell items in your home you are no longer using e.g. a baby cot or unused wedding souvenirs. You could also organise a teaching class, use your car as a temporary cab/Uber, start a freelance job, work overtime on the job if it pays, etc. The monies from these earnings can then be labelled as vacation funds.
  • Group savings – You could join a fund contribution group (also known as Osusu) or join a cooperative. The sole purpose of the contribution can be to raise funds for your trip. That way, when you cash out on the month designated to you, you can use it to cover all your travel expenses conveniently.
  • Special Travel Account – If you want sole control of your savings, then open a special account where the funds you raise for the trip can be saved. Make sure it is one you can easily access like an online bank account with an ATM card and no minimum balance restriction. Then put aside a percentage of your monthly earnings into it.
  • Automated deductions – Some people give a ‘standing instruction’ to their banks to deduct a specific percentage of their income whenever it arrives at a certain date. The bank then credits a savings account created specifically for vacations. This works when you don’t trust yourself to be disciplined enough to set the money aside voluntarily.
  • Third-party savings – If you don’t trust yourself not to spend your savings, there are travel agencies that offer services that allow payment in instalments or long-term saving towards a vacation they can organise for you. An example of a company that offers such is The Trio Travels while Wakanow can help you save for ticket booking.
  • Cut down on expenses – Cutting current expenses is also another great way to raise extra cash. You can sacrifice some of your preferences to raise extra cash to save away for the trip. For instance, if you drink soda with a Buka-bought meal at work every day, you can take water from home with homemade meals to work and put the money for eating out daily away as savings for your trip.

Last but not least is watch out for vacation deals. Some tour agencies give discounts for the first set of people to sign up for their vacation packages. Sometimes the deals may end on a particular date for people who can make the early bird deposit. Here at Connect Nigeria, we display as many tour deals as we can find every week. You can drop by to check them out and find the one that best suits you.


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