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4 Key Things to Do When Your Flight Is Cancelled

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It is the wet season and some of the perks of the weather include heavy downpours, thunderstorms and flooding which usually leads to flight cancellations. No one enjoys flight delays or cancellations, especially when you have to make an urgent or important trip. However, in the case where a cancellation is unavoidable, what should you do? Here are proactive tips on how to handle travel disruptions.cancelled flight

  1. Know your options
    Once the cancellation is announced, do not panic or attack the officers in anger. Control your emotions, stay calm and consider your options. Are there opportunities to reschedule your flight? Are there rules on ground that ensure you are compensated by the airline? Ensure you find out the airline’s cancellation policy and make the most of it. Some will reimburse you for connecting flights or help you rebook, while others will provide meals and hotels.  Once you know what your options are, you can swing into action with the option you consider most beneficial to you.
  1. Take note of what other people are doing
    Even if you know what your options are, it is important that you keep an eye on people in your category and take note of what options they are going for or what they are doing. Sometimes you may meet officers who do not know the best options for you and they offer you the wrong choice, but if you keep an eye on others, you can easily tell if you have been offered the wrong options or if there are better ways to change your situation.
  1. Do not accept the first option you’re given
    This does not sound like the most conventional advice, but you must keep in mind that the airline officers know that you are desperate to find a solution after the cancellation, so they throw the options which, though may not be very favourable to you, is most convenient for them. If the option first offered does not seem favourable, politely turn it down, be persistent but polite and check for alternative options on the airline website.
  1. Monitor your luggage
    Once your flight has been cancelled, if you have already checked in some luggage, the first thing to do is to make enquiries and figure out how best to retrieve them, that way even if the airline rebooks a flight for you, your luggage does not go missing in transit or in switching flights or airlines.
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