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4 Platforms To Help You Make Money From Lending


There’s a high demand for credit in Nigeria. Individuals and businesses alike seek extra funding to cover their present costs. Banks aren’t catering to all of them. So they’re increasingly turning to alternative financers for help.

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Among the emerging players in this domain are digital lending platforms, which provide loans to people and small businesses. They are often accessible online or via an app.

Some of these fintech companies do more than just lend to borrowers. The loans they give out are funds provided by investors. At the end of the loan cycle, the investors get their money back, plus a part of the interest paid by the borrower.

Those earnings are often quite attractive—typically double-digit percentages.

If you’d like to make money from lending to individuals and businesses in Nigeria, here are four platforms that can help you do so.


FINT is a digital intermediary between private and institutional investors on one hand, and businesses seeking loans on the other.

As soon as they’re registered on it, users of the platform can invest in agriculture, power, agency-banking, premium financing, and sustainable projects, among other opportunities. The investments are effectively loans to specific businesses in those sectors.

According to FINT, lenders can earn between 25% and 39% interest on their investments in a year. They may also choose shorter-term investment cycles.

There’s more about FINT here.

KiaKia P2P

KiaKia P2P is a Peer-to-Peer lender that provides personal and business loans of between ₦10,000 and ₦100 million. Lenders can access its services through the KiaKia P2P app, available on the Google Play store.

Users can expect returns of up to 40% interest on their funds. These earnings may be paid out quarterly, biannually, or annually, depending on the investment duration set by the lender.

To ensure the safety of investor funds, KiaKia profiles potential borrowers and ascertains that they are capable of repaying its loans. Also, lenders do not have to request payments; interest and capital are automatically transferred to their accounts.


Carbon is one of Nigeria’s top digital lenders. They provide loans of up to ₦1 million to individuals and businesses and also facilitate bill payments.

You can earn up to 16% interest on your money if you invest with Carbon. Investor contributions are pooled together and provided to vetted borrowers. Capital and returns are paid out at the end of the investment period.

Find out more about Carbon here.


Branch offers instant loans without collateral, paperwork, or late fees. They also allow unlimited free transfers and round-the-clock withdrawals. Loan amounts range from ₦1,000 to ₦200,000.

The Branch app is used in Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania. Thus far, it’s been downloaded over 20 million times.

Branch promises up to 20% interest on investments (which they give out as loans to borrowers), with no hidden costs attached.

Final Words

Lending is one of the easiest ways to generate passive income. The platforms we have mentioned here could help you achieve this. Just be sure to do your due diligence before settling for any one of them. Hopefully, you’ll find one that fits your expectations for wealth expansion.

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