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5 Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Content


Do you have several pieces of amazing content lying dormant on your website or in your portfolio? If so, you’re missing out on an opportunity to repurpose your content and create value from your old posts.

Repurposing content is a great way to save time, get an SEO boost, reach a new audience, and reinforce the message of your content.

To be clear, content repurposing doesn’t mean reusing old pieces of content again and again. Instead, it involves adding value to the original.

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Below are 5 different ways to repurpose old content and make it evergreen.

Create New Blog Posts And Articles

From Living in Bondage: Breaking Free to the highly-anticipated Nneka The Pretty Serpent sequel, I’ve seen many spinoff movies in my lifetime to know that they often do just as well as the originals movies.

Just like movies, you can create spinoffs of your articles and blog posts. High-quality content can lead to the production of more high-quality content if done right, and both can be engaging for your audience.

A great way to do this is to make a list post and convert it into a series of individual pieces of content.

For instance, this post about “generating content ideas when you’re stuck” can be used to create 5 more individual posts by focusing on each sub-topic in detail.

Here are the sub-topics contained in the post:

a. Be ready to write

b. Watch movies and TV shows

  1. Consult your customers
  2. Look out for trends
  3. Use Pinterest

In this instance, you could take the second topic and tweak it to create an entirely new post on “How to Gain Inspiration for Your Content through Movies and TV Shows”. Once you’ve done this, do the same for the rest.

See! Not only would you have more content ideas using this technique but you would also be introducing your audience to a particular topic from different angles.

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Build An Infographic

An infographic is a visual summary of the content you have in your post. If you have a lot of data at your disposal, infographics can be handy in relating this content or breaking up the article into major talking points. Piktochart and Visually are some of the tools that enable non-designers to create their own infographics.

Create An Ebook

Ebooks are a great form of content for creators who want to repurpose their content into one comprehensive form. You’d be surprised how many high-quality ebooks began as blog posts.

While creating an ebook based on your blog posts is a smart way to create new content, take time to do additional research and add more information to the ebook. Make the ebook worth the effort by adding photos and investing in some design. It is imperative you create an ebook that looks professional and appealing to your audience.

Repost On Social Media

You can share your old content via social media and it would still have the same effect as it had when it was first published. This works because social media is dynamic – your content can reach new followers daily, can be consumed by people in different time zones, and can be repurposed in different ways.

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My name is Samuel Okoruwa. I am an ardent researcher, reading is life and writing is fun.

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1 Comment

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