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5 Must-Read Financial Books Written By Nigerians


No matter how much civilization takes over the world, books would never grow extinct. Reading has been attributed to one of the keys to successful people. It helps expose the mind to infinite possibilities and increase insight into the different subject matter. Since we have established that books are important for growth, how do you determine what books you should read?

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To determine the book best for you, identify the area of your life you desire to seek improvement. This leads to the books you should be reading. Once this is identified, find out books that have profound reviews of the transformation people had after applying the knowledge and principles contained in it. This provides assurance of results.

In light of this, these are five financial books written by Nigerians, that you can read in the month of October to improve your financial knowledge.

  1. Money Won’t Make You Rich by Sunday Adelaja

Money Won't Make You Rich: God's Principles for True Wealth, Prosperity,  and Success on Apple Books

The title of this book astounds you and captures your attention. And it doesn’t stop there. This is an unconventional book that goes beyond teaching you how to make money, but how to build sustainable wealth, and wealth-generating instruments to keep you financially free forever. Sunday Adelaja provides insight on the financial reality in the world, and how to stay afloat amidst all of the financial crises. This is a must-read if you desire to build wealth structures and employ innate resources for lasting success.

  1. Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu

Book Review: The Smart Money Woman By Arese Ugwu - Potentash


If you are thinking of managing your finance in an African economy, then this is the book for you. Smart Money Woman talks about the impact of money habits, relationships, family on a financial future. It also utilizes storytelling to pass across very important financial principles, so it is not easily forgettable.

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  1. 10 Ms of Money by Matthew Ashimolowo

The 10 Ms of Money by Matthew Ashimolowo


10 Ms of Money focuses on building generational wealth. With an inclination to Christianity, Matthew Ashimolowo specifies “M” as an acronym for the different phenomenon that helps you identify your money mistakes, and then grow and multiply your wealth. It is also a breath of fresh air from limiting religious beliefs.

  1. School of Money by Olumide Emmanuel

Shop Newton Books The School of Money: How to make, manage and multiply your money Online | Jumia Ghana


This masterpiece by Olumide Emmanuel is as practical as it can get. It does not just specify different ways to make money, it spells out specific platforms to invest money, and the expected returns. Olumide Emmanuel breaks down financial concepts into simple terms, such that a layman can understand and begin a financial journey. Although this can easily be said to be one of the most voluminous books on money and finance, every page is a turner and is worth it.

  1. Small Business, Big Money by Akin Alabi

How To Order For My Book, Small Business Big Money – AkinAlabi

Akin Alabi

Looking for incredible insight into the Nigerian market? This book by Akin Alabi says it all. Small business big money focuses on starting a business and earning a lot of money from it. Akin Alabi is a man with uncommon methods, and a lot of business experiences, which he pours all through the pages of this book. He also reveals his journey through starting up his company. The great thing about this book is its context. It puts everything into consideration, ranging from taxes, law compliance, entry into the market, picking a product, sales, and advertisement among others. As a handbook, this book is a manual for every Nigerian business.

Nigerian financial books can easily be said to be the most practical guide for the Nigerian market. They always will be a must-have. If you ever come across them, come back here and drop a review.

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