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5 Online Groups Every Developer Should Join



For most developers, the internet is home, and with various social networks to choose from, the internet is not such a lonely place anymore.

Aside all the fun that social networks bring, it also helps to join meaningful groups for resources, idea generation and to seek for help when you get stuck.

As a developer, the first group I joined was Ovi Developers, which helps with Nokia store issues for developers and everything development for Nokia platform.

Sadly, the group is not actively monitored by Nokia any more.

Here are some groups and pages that have replaced Ovi Developers for me which I think can be of help to developers.

Google Developer Group

This group serves as a virtual meeting centre for Google developers and users.

Many issues concerning Google development are addressed here and help is given freely. An average of five questions gets answered daily.

The group also organises a yearly physical meet-up. You can apply to join the group here.

Microsoft DPE Nigeria

This is a Microsoft Nigeria developer support group. The Microsoft guys on the group help to answer technical and non-technical questions about Microsoft Development. In addition, Microsoft Nigeria just started a new fan page on Facebook to help out.

Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA)

If you are an open source developer in Africa, then this is a perfect group for you. The group is managed by the FOSSFA team.


The Afripreneur Facebook group serves as a business forum where people can learn and support businesses by sharing ideas and experiences with other entrepreneurs.

And if you just want to listen and learn from others, the group allows that too.

Tech Genius

This is an interesting group where ideas are shared on a daily basis.

The group is full of experienced and upcoming programmers who are excited to engage and interact. To join, click here.


Do you know any groups that you think would be interesting to join? Tell us about them in the comment box below.


Adewale Yusuf: A Listener, who loves information, creative thinking, why? and how? I spend most time attending tech events and it sure gives me the opportunity to meet amazing people and to experience what they contribute to the tech ecosystem. @wexcely

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